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Utah Temple Passport

For those of you in Utah or who visit Utah often - how fun would it be to try to take your YW to all the Utah temples?  What a phenomenal year that would be!  Getting parents on board to help drive, and/or provide treats?  What a great way to get parents involved in the YW program.  I know so many moms who would *love* to go places like this with their daughter and her YW group.  

The Utah Temples Passport provides a fun way to track the Utah temples you have been to.  This is great for anybody - Primary age up to adult.

The Passport Tour Guide gives little-known facts and insights about each of the Utah temples, providing a unique look at the sacrifice and dedication that went into the building of each temple. As you tour each temple, you can place a special sticker on each page to commemorate the treasured memories you will make. Experience the Utah temples with a whole new perspective!
**Now includes 4 new temples: Brigham City, Payson, Provo City Center, and the Ogden design update.

Wouldn't it be fun to use these as part of the 2016 Mutual Theme - Press Forward?

We offer a quantity discount on these - so get together with neighbors, or other wards and order today!  CLICK HERE.

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