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Need Opinions! 2016 Notebooks.

Notebook UPDATE:
We decided to go a different route with the notebooks.  After getting some feedback we decided to:

1.  Do a black notebook, with a white Christus.  (We chose black to keep it more gender neutral so YM could use is, too)
2.  NOT INCLUDE a pen.

We do, however, have a Mutual Theme pen that pairs perfectly with the notebook.
Order the PEN HERE.

You can see our Come, Follow Me notebook post HERE.


I want YOUR feedback.  I am so tempted to make these cute notebooks.  I want my girls to have something dedicated to Sunday lessons.  Somewhere to take notes from lessons, and such, then to take home to continue their gospel studies during the week.  Somewhere to WRITE DOWN the challenge given to them each week, so they can take it home, review it, and work on it.  Then be able to report back the next Sunday.  But I shy away from having a notebook specifically for Come, Follow Me - with questions, prompts, etc...  Each lesson is so different and personalized, from one to the next in each ward, that I want something that would fit for every YW group, no matter where you are.  And to me, that is a blank notebook.

I love these notebooks - they come with a pen, and a little pouch to hold it and other little handouts, gum, stickers, etc...  The notebook has durable plastic covers, a pouch (see below), a pen, and lined paper inside.  It is roughly 5"x7" - small enough to put in scripture bags.  The pouch is on the outside of notebook so it can close properly (genius!).


  1. I don't have any young women, but I like choice #3 so you can store a pen.

  2. I would choose the first one. These ideas are great, keep up the good work :)


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