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Come, Follow Me Notebook

We finally have a Come, Follow Me notebook!!

I wanted my young women to have something dedicated to Sunday lessons.  Somewhere to take notes from lessons, and such, then to take home to continue their gospel studies during the week.  Somewhere to WRITE DOWN the challenge given to them each week, so they can take it home, review it, and work on it.  Then be able to report back the next Sunday.  But I shy away from having a notebook specifically for Come, Follow Me - with questions, prompts, etc...  Each lesson is so different and personalized, from one to the next, and in each ward, that I wanted something that would fit for every YW group, no matter where you are.  And to me, that is a blank notebook.  And I wanted to keep it somewhat simply so it is gender neutral, so young men could also use it.

* I have heard of some YW leaders keeping the notebooks each week, to hand out each Sunday - let your girls decide what they want to do. *

The notebook comes with a plastic pouch attached to the outside of it to hold items such as a pen, handouts, etc...

The Come, Follow Me notebook is blank inside with 80 lined pages.  It DOES NOT INCLUDE a pen.  But pairs perfectly with our 2016 mutual theme pen, as shown.

Order one for each of your YW today!  Quantity discounts are available.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

To order our 2016 mutual theme Press Forward pen, CLICK HERE.

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