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Arrow Ring - Press Forward

We have a new item for the 2016 mutual theme - Press Forward.   A cute arrow pinch-to-size ring. 
Quantity discounts are available on this ring.  These would make great Christmas or birthday gifts!

Order on our website HERE.


Shipping Department Break

Our shipping department will be CLOSED Monday, Oct 12 - Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015.  Orders placed during this time will ship Oct 21.

You can still place orders during this time, they just won't ship until Oct 21.

If you need items during this time, or shortly after - please order those now.

Visit our website for amazing 2016 mutual theme items.  CLICK HERE.

I will still be answering emails - so if you have a question during this time, please email me.


2016 Press Forward POUCHES

Our 2016 Mutual Theme pouches are now available!  These were so popular last year!  Great for anytime!  These cotton 5"x7" pouches are large enough to hold a small notebook, handouts, gum, etc...

Two (2) designs available!  Quantity discounts are available

Order on our website HERE.

Press Forward SOCKS!

** We are shipping orders for these out as quickly as we can.  We are shipping them in order of when we received the orders.  Please be patient with us.  We're getting there.  If you have questions, please EMAIL ( us, do not leave a comment here.  We can get you an answer a lot quicker via email.  Thanks! **

Now available are our PRESS FORWARD socks!!  These are such a popular item each year for the mutual theme!  Choose your design - 2 designs available this year - and the design color (sock color is only available in white) and how many pairs you need! Quantity discounts are available.  Makes a perfect gift, great for girls camp, a fun lesson handout, or for anytime!

ORDER your 2016 Mutual Theme socks HERE.


We Are Daughters Book

We have a new book available - We Are Daughters. This was written by Jen Brewer - the same author as Be The Chocolate Chip.

Learn the importance of the words you repeat each week. This inspirational book helps you better understand the Young Women theme by breaking down each section and sharing the story of how and why the theme was created. Discover your divine potential and how important you are in God’s plan! Thought provoking and uplifting, this book offers new insights for parents, leaders, and all young women.

Order yours today!  CLICK HERE



Personal Progress completed by 102 year old

Oh, I just love this!  What an inspiration to me!

Read the article HERE.

How to be an extraordinary Young Women leader

I ran across an article this morning that I very much enjoyed!  I am pasting it's entire text here so if the link ever goes inactive, I can still refer back to it, but it is from Utah Valley 360, written by Breanna Olaveson.  You can see the original post HERE.

Read article below:

No matter how you measure it, the calling to be a young women leader is one of the most demanding callings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The youth of the Church have great potential and are of great interest to Church leaders. Serving them is an important responsibility.
But keeping busy is only part of the calling. To truly magnify your calling, you need understanding and direction. Here are a few ideas to help you become an extraordinary Young Women leader.

1. Learn from your resources

The Church has provided a wealth of resources to help members fulfill their Church callings, involving many for youth. Handbook 2 is an invaluable resource, and becoming familiar with it will provide direction for many of the decisions you will make and activities you plan as a youth leader.

2. Pray for direction

The General Young Women Presidency said in a recent training, “We invite you to prayerfully consider the needs of your leaders and young women. Think about how you can further improve your efforts to learn and teach in the Savior’s way.”
Resources are necessary and can provide helpful ideas for ministering and service, but relying solely on others to tell you what to do neglects an essential part of your calling. The ultimate source of direction is the Holy Ghost. Be in tune with the Spirit and follow promptings you receive.

3. Focus on the temple

Handbook 2 states, “The purpose of the Young Women organization is to help each young woman be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple.” Plan to help the young women you serve attend the temple as often as possible, and help them understand the sacredness of the ordinances of the temple. Bring the temple into lessons and activities whenever you can. As you do, you will help fulfill the objective of the Young Women organization.

4. Love the girls individually

The Savior ministered to his children one by one (see 3 Nephi 17:21, 3 Nephi 11:15), and so should we. Get to know each girl personally. Learn what she likes to do, what her dreams are, and what is important to her. Show your love in a way she can understand. As you pray for charity for those you serve, your prayers will be answered and you will know how to minister to each girl.
President Gordon B. Hinckley modeled this love when he said, “Of all the creations of the Almighty, there is none more beautiful, none more inspiring than a lovely daughter of God who walks in virtue with an understanding of why she should do so, who honors and respects her body as a thing sacred and divine, who cultivates her mind and constantly enlarges the horizon of her understanding, who nurtures her spirit with everlasting truth. God will hold us accountable if we neglect His daughters. He has given us a great and compelling trust. May we be faithful to that trust.”

5. Develop leaders

Young women are only youth for six years. After that, they enter adulthood and will become leaders in the Church, the mission field, their families and their professions. Young Women is a training ground for developing these future leaders.
Elder David A. Bednar said, “Are you and I helping our [youth] become agents who act and seek learning by study and by faith? … Are we consistently helping them to act, to learn for themselves, and to stand steadfast and immovable?” In everything you do, give the girls opportunities to lead. Allow them to take charge of activities, make mistakes, and learn necessary skills. Not only will it help you to have the girls actively involved in activities, but they will also thank you when they are better prepared for the future.


Utah Temple Passport

For those of you in Utah or who visit Utah often - how fun would it be to try to take your YW to all the Utah temples?  What a phenomenal year that would be!  Getting parents on board to help drive, and/or provide treats?  What a great way to get parents involved in the YW program.  I know so many moms who would *love* to go places like this with their daughter and her YW group.  

The Utah Temples Passport provides a fun way to track the Utah temples you have been to.  This is great for anybody - Primary age up to adult.

The Passport Tour Guide gives little-known facts and insights about each of the Utah temples, providing a unique look at the sacrifice and dedication that went into the building of each temple. As you tour each temple, you can place a special sticker on each page to commemorate the treasured memories you will make. Experience the Utah temples with a whole new perspective!
**Now includes 4 new temples: Brigham City, Payson, Provo City Center, and the Ogden design update.

Wouldn't it be fun to use these as part of the 2016 Mutual Theme - Press Forward?

We offer a quantity discount on these - so get together with neighbors, or other wards and order today!  CLICK HERE.


FREE SHIPPING!!!  Now thru Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
Free shipping on orders over $20.00 (standard shipping only - USA only)

Plan ahead and order the 2016 MUTUAL THEME items!!

Don’t miss out - order today!  CLICK HERE


Press Forward Silicone Bracelet

I always know when the products I make are going to be a hit when my kiddos fight over the trial one I make.  This happened recently with the new silicone bracelet I made for the 2016 mutual theme!  All of my kids wanted it, and all said they would wear it (ages 12-22).  I think we have a winner!

2016 mutual theme - Press Forward - silicone bracelet.  It has as cut out chain-looking band, but it is all silicone.  A-Maze-Ing!!!  And these are perfect for BOYS & GIRLS.

Order yours today! Quantity discount is available.  See drop down menu on website.


Come, Follow Me Notebook

We finally have a Come, Follow Me notebook!!

I wanted my young women to have something dedicated to Sunday lessons.  Somewhere to take notes from lessons, and such, then to take home to continue their gospel studies during the week.  Somewhere to WRITE DOWN the challenge given to them each week, so they can take it home, review it, and work on it.  Then be able to report back the next Sunday.  But I shy away from having a notebook specifically for Come, Follow Me - with questions, prompts, etc...  Each lesson is so different and personalized, from one to the next, and in each ward, that I wanted something that would fit for every YW group, no matter where you are.  And to me, that is a blank notebook.  And I wanted to keep it somewhat simply so it is gender neutral, so young men could also use it.

* I have heard of some YW leaders keeping the notebooks each week, to hand out each Sunday - let your girls decide what they want to do. *

The notebook comes with a plastic pouch attached to the outside of it to hold items such as a pen, handouts, etc...

The Come, Follow Me notebook is blank inside with 80 lined pages.  It DOES NOT INCLUDE a pen.  But pairs perfectly with our 2016 mutual theme pen, as shown.

Order one for each of your YW today!  Quantity discounts are available.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

To order our 2016 mutual theme Press Forward pen, CLICK HERE.


Need Opinions! 2016 Notebooks.

Notebook UPDATE:
We decided to go a different route with the notebooks.  After getting some feedback we decided to:

1.  Do a black notebook, with a white Christus.  (We chose black to keep it more gender neutral so YM could use is, too)
2.  NOT INCLUDE a pen.

We do, however, have a Mutual Theme pen that pairs perfectly with the notebook.
Order the PEN HERE.

You can see our Come, Follow Me notebook post HERE.


I want YOUR feedback.  I am so tempted to make these cute notebooks.  I want my girls to have something dedicated to Sunday lessons.  Somewhere to take notes from lessons, and such, then to take home to continue their gospel studies during the week.  Somewhere to WRITE DOWN the challenge given to them each week, so they can take it home, review it, and work on it.  Then be able to report back the next Sunday.  But I shy away from having a notebook specifically for Come, Follow Me - with questions, prompts, etc...  Each lesson is so different and personalized, from one to the next in each ward, that I want something that would fit for every YW group, no matter where you are.  And to me, that is a blank notebook.

I love these notebooks - they come with a pen, and a little pouch to hold it and other little handouts, gum, stickers, etc...  The notebook has durable plastic covers, a pouch (see below), a pen, and lined paper inside.  It is roughly 5"x7" - small enough to put in scripture bags.  The pouch is on the outside of notebook so it can close properly (genius!).


2016 YW Leader Calendar *NOW IN STOCK*

Our 2016 YW Leader Planning Calendar is now in stock and ready to ship!! Take a look at the calendar page and the planning page for each month (above picture).  Don't forget about the 4 activity ideas we include with each month!!  New this year: one activity per month is "from our history".  These are fun and interesting goals that young women had to perform from years past.  All the way back to the early 1900s.  These are fun to read, and maybe try to incorporate these into your activities this year. 

This planning calendar is a must have for so many YW leaders, and is our most requested item to continue year after year!
*New this year* we are offering a bundle DISCOUNT, when you order four (4) calendars (one for each member of your presidency).   Be sure to select the pack of four (4) from the drop-down menu when ordering.


2016 Press Forward Lanyard

Our products for the amazing 2016 Mutual Theme - PRESS FORWARD are coming right along.  We are so excited about this theme.  It is so wonderful!

Our lanyards are being made!  You can PRE-ORDER them on our website.  They will ship mid-September.  They are, again, available with the popular plastic pouch that holds a youth (or adult) temple recommend.

Pre-order for your youth today!  CLICK HERE.

2016 YW Leader Calendar

Our 2016 YW leader planning calendar is in process!  We have them on our website for PRE-ORDER.  They will ship mid-September.  This is a must have for so many YW leaders each year.  They continue to be our most requested item year after year. 

Pre-order yours today and be one of the first to have it.  CLICK HERE.


FREE shipping today and tomorrow!

Our shipping department only has to be closed for 2 more days! To thank you for being so patient with us, as we relocated, today and tomorrow there is FREE shipping on all orders over $20.00 (standard shipping, USA only). This is valid on our YW site and our VINYL website.


Free shipping is valid Tuesday-Wednesday, August 4-5, 2015.


UPDATE on shipping department closing

Our shipping department will need to close a couple days earlier than expected. Our shipping department will now be closing on July 21, not July 23-like originally scheduled. And opening back up on August 6th. PLEASE ORDER NOW so there is no need to panic.  For more information, CLICK HERE!!


My Personal Progress POUCH

I needed something to hold my Personal Progress book, the journal, a pen, and my FTSOY pamphlet.  I wanted something that closed.  A pouch!!!  It was perfect.  I hope you think it is perfect, too.  And your YW will surely love it!

You can order yours on our website.  Price is discounted when ordering in BULK for all your YW!



Clearance Items-2015

We have reduced the price of our ANCHOR socks once again!  Being the end of June, we need to start making room for our 2016 products - can you believe it?!?!

Our ANCHOR socks are on clearance for only $1.50 a pair!!  What a great deal!  But we only have limited stock, so order now!!!

Our WHITE embark socks are also on clearance for $1.95 a pair.

And don't forget our theme PRINTS are also on clearance - for as little and $ .08 each!!!

ORDER TODAY,  click here.


Shipping Department CLOSED for 2 weeks in July

**UPDATE ON OUR shipping department closing:  We have to close a few days earlier than expected.  Our shipping department will now be closing on July 21 (not July 23).  We still plan to open back up and start shipping orders received during this time on August 6th.  Please ORDER NOW to avoid any type of panic! **

Our SHIPPING department will be closed for 2 weeks: July 23-August 5.  We are relocating our office (a.k.a. - we're moving!!!).  We need this time to pack up our office and all of our stock, move everything, then unpack in our new location.  We know this is not convenient for anyone.  But please bear with us as we make this transition.

Our website will still be fully functional during this time - and ORDERS CAN STILL BE PLACED.  They just will not ship until August 6.  Orders will be shipped out as quickly as possible when we open back up - in the order they were received (orders placed on July 27, will ship before orders placed on August 2).

If you need items during this time, or even shortly after, PLEASE ORDER THOSE NOW.  All orders placed before July 23, will ship before we close (this means you need to order no later than July 22).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  We will have access to emails during this closure time.


YW Coloring Sheets

Beehive Class Activity idea: Listen to uplifting music on, while coloring. Beehives love this activity! We have 2 coloring sheets that are perfect for this! These also make a great lazy-day activity at girls camp!



Primary CTR Pouch

Our newest item: CTR (camo) drawstring pouch.  Perfect for little hands and their love of collecting little things.  Great for church or in the car.



FRAGILE music video - 2015 mutual theme

The Church has released a new video of the song FRAGILE. This is a song in the 2015 mutual theme collection. It's just beautiful!

CLICK HERE to watch it.


2015 EMBARK prints on clearance for 25 cents!

Our 2015 EMBARK prints are on clearance for 25 cents!  There is even one on clearance for 10 cents.

CLICK HERE to order.


2015 EMBARK drawstring pouch

Our newest item for the 2015 mutual theme - a drawstring pouch.  Great for holding all kinds of goodies, especially fun at girls camp or youth conference!  Size is 5"x7", so these can hold a small pad of paper and a pen.

Order on our website.  CLICK HERE.


FREE SHIPPING thru 4-11-15

SPRING BREAK SPECIAL: Free standard shipping on orders of $20.00 or more - thru Saturday, April 11. Save money on Girls Camps orders - order this week and don't pay shipping! You'll also find several of our 2015 prints still on sale! Order today!!  CLICK HERE


Mutual Theme Prints - on sale!

 Our 2015 mutual theme PRINTS are on sale on our website.  You can get a 5"x7" print for as low as 25 cents!   CLICK HERE.

And - please make note - we are almost out of our 2015 mutual theme LIP BALM.  Once they're gone - they're gone for good (we won't be making any more).  So order those TODAY if you want them.  They won't last long.  CLICK HERE.

Our 2015 YW Leader Calendar is on Clearance for only $3.00.  If nothing else - you'll want the 4 activity ideas each month.  They will give you some great ideas!  And for 3-bucks, who can resist?!?!


My Heavenly Father Loves Me


We have a new book on our website.  It is on our PRIMARY page, but this is a book for all ages.  The first time I saw it - I fell in love with it - as this is one of my most favorite primary songs.   6"x6" board book.

It goes through the song, a line on each page (in order) and has adorable pictures to go with each line.  It is a beautifully illustrated book.  I just love it so much!

To order this board book on our website, CLICK HERE.

GIRLS CAMP MADE EASY - on clearance!

The book I wrote for Girls Camp - Girls Camp Made Easy is on clearance on our website.  I have way too many in stock!  To order one for you, and for your camp director, CLICK HERE!

2015 EMBARK backpack

Our 2015 EMBARK drawstring backpacks have arrived!  We absolutely love how they turned out! 

Order today for your group!!  CLICK HERE.


Supporting A Rival School

Sadly, there have been more than a couple suicide attempts at a high school in our area in the past few weeks.  One died.  It is very sad, and has sort of stunned our community.  The high school where my daughter attends did something the other day that just brought tears to my eyes.  They showed their support by sending a simple message to this rival school.  What great youth we have in our midst!!!

If you need more information on suicide, please visit Hope4Utah - click here
Or, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, here.


His Hands - Easter Lesson

His Hands, By: Kenneth Cope.
This would end an Easter lesson, or FHE perfectly.

Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

This would be such a fun combined young men/young women activity.  Would also be great at a family reunion or youth conference!

This video shows the people being pushed and pulled back by humans - I also think it would be fun to tie a rope onto the rolling board and roll them out, then simply pull them back in with the rope.  But either way - what a fun activity this could be!!  *Just watch those fingers - keep them away from the wheels!*

What you'll need:
1.  Some kind of rolling boards that will hold people and put up with being pushed and pulled.
2.  Balloons (roughly 30-40)
3.  Baskets (round plastic laundry baskets work the best)
4.  Rope to tie onto boards if you want to use rope instead of man-power.

Make 4 groups, one in each corner of the room.  Each team - at the same time - will push their first player out to the middle trying to capture balloons in their baskets.  Pull them back.  Next person lays down on board, push them out, collect balloons, pull them back.  When all the balloons are gone from the center, count to see which team has the most.  Play again.


For more great activity ideas, visit our website HERE.


Capes For Kids

**This is an ongoing project for me, so although this post will eventually "be an old post", I am still accepting capes all the time.**

To view this post on our NEW blog, CLICK HERE.

Credit Card Knife

The wait is over!  We finally have them!!  The amazing credit card knives.  The size of a credit card - folds out to be a knife!  These are quickly gaining popularity.  And we have them on their way!

You can order them on our website.  We give you a discount for ordering in bulk.  ORDER HERE.


Craft Kit - EMBARK Boat

Our newest item to be added to our 2015 mutual theme page is an Embark boat craft kit.  These are fantastic for a last minute activity (if you have purchased them already), or for an easy craft at Girls Camp.

How to make your EMBARK boat:

1.  Order the KIT on our website HERE.  (Includes wood boat, vinyl Embark, vinyl shape)
2.  Lightly sand the edges (they don't need much, but maybe a little)
3.  Paint boat.  Let dry.
4.  Apply vinyl to boat.
5.  Finish with a light layer of Mod Podge.

Order your KIT today!  CLICK HERE.

Vinyl colors shown in picture are: brushed silver, navy blue, lipstick pink, lime tree green


Calendar - on sale!

Our 2015 YW Leader Planning Calendar is on sale for $5.00!  Buy one today!  Be sure your whole presidency has one.  At this price, class presidencies could have them!

Order it on our website - CLICK HERE.


*NEW* Drawstring Backpack - 2015 Mutual Theme EMBARK

We have a *NEW* drawstring backpack now available on our website.  When you think of EMBARK - don't you think of a journey?  Us too!  What better way to go on that journey this year than with a cute little backpack.  These are great for camp, youth conference (we did them a neutral color for all to enjoy), retreats, gifts, hikes, temple trips, and so much more!

You can order your drawstring backpack today!  CLICK HERE.


*NEW* Note Cards

We have two (2) new note card designs on our website.  Both are Happy Birthday cards - one is for the 2015 mutual theme, and one is a birthday card with the temple on it.   

CLICK HERE to order.

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