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Your Ward's Online Directory

Have you updated your information on your Ward's online directory?  Have you added pictures of your family, too?  If not, you may want to.  If you're particular about who views your information (address, phone, email, picture, etc...) you can set the viewing setting to private.  Or you can set it to just your ward, or to your whole stake.  I like how my kids cell phone #'s can be on their own profile so leaders who need to contact them, can do so directly.

Did you know you can view other families in your ward's directory online?  Did you know you can view pictures of your ward members online?  Even view your stake members?

Simply log into your account at and then click on Directory in the drop down menu under your name.

Have you ever wondered who someone was who just got called to a position and you didn't recognize the name?  This has helped me in new callings - I can see who I will be teaching and this helps me remember who they are.  This is also just fun to see your ward friends.  I love how this helps make your ward a little more personal to you.

This would be a fun mutual activity to help your YW update their information.  They would need to have an account, or you can help those that don't already have one, get one.  (Of course, they would need to be sure their parents are okay with that).

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