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That's My Mom!

This is a great Mother’s Day Activity.

Play the game "That's my Mom".  Each girl gets a sign that says “That’s My Mom!”.  This can be as simple as it written on a piece of paper.  The girls sit in the front of the room (or in a big circle next to their mom’s), their mothers are the audience.  Someone reads a sentence like: “This Mom use to be a race car driver” or “This Mom’s favorite TV show is...., “ or “This Mom's favorite meal is lasagna”, etc... If the girls think this is their mom,  they raise their sign up & get a point if they are right. Talk with all the moms beforehand and try to get little known things about the mothers to make it somewhat difficult for the girls.  You could end with each girl sharing one thing they love about their mom.  This is a fun way to get to know each other better and to show love for each other.  You could then give a little gift to the winner (maybe a gift card to your local ice cream place), and something smaller to everybody else. (Thanks, Tabitha, for this great idea!)

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  2. Do you have a list of questions that you used? I would appreciate it so much! thank you!

  3. We played this during a YW activity. It was way fun for us and our daughters


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