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Freezer Meals

In my ward we have had several families who have needed service.  Mainly in the form of food.  The RS has decided to take these families freezer meals.  They can pull one out whenever it is needed.  This has been so successful!

As a young women group, we decided to use some of our activities to make freezer meals and then take them to the RS compassionate service leader.  She has a freezer she keeps them in, and when one is needed, it's ready to be delivered.

As many of you know, my dad passed away in August.  Since this time, we (my siblings and I) have needed to clean out his house and get it up for sale.  Since I work from home, I have been the one to do most of this.  I can more easily free up my schedule and head to southern California a lot easier than anybody else.  Because of this, the RS in my ward stepped in and had a couple freezer meals brought to my home.  I put them in the freezer for when they were most needed.

My husband has come with me several times to help at my dad's house - it's amazing how much faster things go with more than one person there.  This last time we went to finish up the packing, I left somewhat quickly.  I didn't have time to get all the groceries bought for my kids who would be home without me for a few days.

It was such a blessing to have those freezer meals.  They had a lasagna all prepared for them to have as Sunday dinner.  I didn't even think that these freezer meals would come in so handy, but what a wonderful thing it was to have them!

Service - you may not always know when you will have a chance to give it.  You never know when you will be the one receiving it.  Either way, it is a blessing that you will see right away, or look back on and realize.

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