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God and Growth

I read this morning on a friend's blog that - God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  It took me a minute to really understand what she meant.  Once I realized it - WOW!  What a powerful and true statement.

Let me share one personal experience that this applies to SO much with me.  I stutter.  Most people know this.  I am not comfortable reading a scripture in Gospel Doctrine class - or any class for that matter.  I remember being a teenager and literally leaving a class if - part of the lesson - we were going around the room each taking a turn reading a scripture.  Really!  I would "go to the bathroom" or whatever I could think of to get out of this.

As I grew up and spoke in Sacrament Meeting more often, I came to this profound realization - although I could never put words to explain my experience until this morning.  God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  And turning weaknesses into strengths - you better believe it.  I give great talks, devotionals, and firesides.  This is because I had to do hard things and I grew because of them.  And outgrew my weaknesses by leaving my comfort zone.  I still stutter, but I don't let this hold me back.

Now I actually love speaking in Sacrament Meeting.  I love giving prayers in class.  I still am not too keen on reading scriptures in a class, but if called upon, I will. (Reading tends to really emphasis a stutter - I do not read any talk I am giving.  I simply memorize it, and look at reminder notes).

I do know that God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  I live this statement daily.  What a wonderful blessing it is to know this and to know I am growing because of my trials.

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