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2015 YW Leader Calendar Preview

Each year I make a planning calendar for YW leaders.  I sell LOTS of them!
 It started with me just making one for myself to use and it snowballed into others seeing it and wanting one.  I have made one every year since 2001.  I already have leaders emailing me about when next years will be ready.  I make it for me - and for what I want to look at often during the year.

I want your opinion on the 2015 Calendar cover for my 2015 YW Leader Planning Calendar (I have actually changed designs after getting feedback on several covers - so I really want your opinion).  I chose "I am a Daughter of God" & the temple so I can see this every time I am doing anything YW related and to remember what I am ultimately trying to convey to my precious YW whom I serve.

Which color combination do you like BEST?  Please leave comments on this blog post or on the FB post linking here.  Thank YOU!!!

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  1. I love both of them, but I'd pick the gray one.

  2. I like the gold/red as well.

  3. Don't like either one. They look like they were quickly thrown together. I think you could give it a bit more appeal by changing the font and give it some "girl" power since "I am a daughter of God".

  4. I like the gold and red one a little more...

  5. Gray background with the yellow and blue....

  6. I like the teal one but instead of yellow, I would choose purple, it would help the letters pop!

    It looks really awesome!


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