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Emerald Temple Pocketcard

People loved these as an end to their Wizard of Oz camp theme activities.  After we sold our first major run of them, we decided to not make them anymore.  Well, that changed when we kept getting emails asking if we still had any.

Now - I'm pleased to announce that they are BACK!!  You can order them on our website HERE.

You're welcome.

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Camp shortcuts and hints

Ok, these are just genius! 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius  CLICK HERE.

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Young women grasping their leadership rolls in class presidencies

I witnessed something that touched my heart today in church.  I was handing out invitations to our YW for New Beginnings next week.  I gave one to everyone who was there.  As soon as we started to arrange our chairs differently for our combined lesson, a member of our Beehive class presidency came up to me and simply said, "Sister Hacking, can I have Kaylee's invitation?  She's not here so I will take it to her."
I was just so touched by this young woman and her grasping her leadership role of being in a class presidency.

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