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Technology: SnapChat app

SnapChat is a popular app that allows users to take a picture of themselves, or anything.  They can then send it to someone - and only allows that person/persons to view the picture for a few seconds, then they can't view it anymore.  Well, this man explains the app perfectly - and why we shouldn't be using it.  Nor should our YW.
CLICK HERE for article.

** Update - I have children who use this app.  I am not necessarily against it.  I think, this app, along with so many others, needs to be monitored, taught and talked about with our kids.  Knowledge is power.  Most kids can use this app and not have anything bad happen.  It's all about being a parent and knowing what our kids are doing online and on devices.  And holding them accountable for this as well. **

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Come unto Christ vinyl decals

We have our vinyl decals ready for the 2014 mutual theme - Come unto Christ.  There are a couple to choose from.  If you need something different, let me know and I can custom make it for you.

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Updates for 2014 Curriculum

Come, Follow Me has recently been updated with the latest talks from general conference as well as the newest media produced by the Church. While the monthly doctrinal units have not changed, each unit contains more learning outlines than can be taught in a month, and each outline contains more learning activities than can be taught in one class period. Teachers should continue to select outlines and learning activities based on the needs of the youth they teach.CONTINUE READING HERE.

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Lowered prices on clearance items

We just lowered the prices on some of your CLEARANCE items to 10 cents!  10 cents!!  Visit our clearance page HERE.

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New Youth Activity Site

The Church has launched a new YOUTH ACTIVITY WEBSITE packed with more than 150 activities that work anywhere in the world.
What a great place to plan activities with a purpose!  CLICK HERE.

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