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WOW - 4 YW Leader Calendars for only $25!

** This deal is now over, but our calendars are still available **

To make our customers happy while our shipping department is closed - we are offering a screaming deal on our YW Leader Planning Calendars.  You can get 4 calendars (enough for your whole presidency) for only $25.  WOW!  But only until Sept 10!  Order today!  CLICK HERE

Remember these will ship on SEPT 11.

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Remember - our shipping department is closing for a few days

Just a reminder - our shipping department will be CLOSED August 28-September 10.

Orders WILL NOT ship during this time.  They can still be placed, but won't start to ship until Sept 11th.  Please plan accordingly.  Thanks!

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Young Women Leader Planning Calendar 2014

We finally have our calendar cover ready!  You know what this means - they are going to print!  We'll have them soon and will start shipping orders on September 10th.


Get planning 2014!  It's a great theme and great things will come of it!

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2014 YW Leader Planning Calendar

** Cover design still in the works.**

Our 2014 YW Leader Planning Calendar is just about ready!  You can pre-order it NOW on our website HERE.
Remember - these WILL NOT ship until September 10th (in the order orders are received).

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2014 Mutual Theme - Come Unto Christ

The 2014 mutual theme has been announced!  It is "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness" (Moroni 10:32).

I am thrilled to be once again refocusing on the Savior with our youth.  What a great theme!

More information will be on our blog as it becomes available.  We will also be ramping up our creation of our mutual theme products for a late September availability.

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Book of Mormon Reading Chart

You'll love our reading chart for the Book of Mormon.  The Seminary course of study for 2013-2014 is the Book of Mormon.  A reading chart is a great way to keep track of your progress!  Designed for both boys and girls.  You can order our reading chart HERE.

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New Gospel Library for Mobile Devices

For those who have a mobile device - iPhone, iPad, etc...  You need to get the new Gospel Library.  It is the 3.0 version. It is amazing!  So much nicer to browse and search.  And downloading data to your device - easy!  You can read about it here and get all the info you need.  I am loving it!!

Remember - this does not replace older versions.  It is it's own app.

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Temple Paper Box

We love our *NEW* temple paper box.  Fill it with treats.  Put a small gift in it. Give it to a new Beehive with her torch necklace in it.  Fill it with fluff and use as a table display.  The possibilities are endless.  Did we tell you we love it?!?!

FINISHED FOLDED BOX is 3"x3" by 2" tall.  Temple sides extend 4" above box.  (So the temple sides are 6" tall total).

You can order it HERE.  It comes flat, but it's easy to fold up and glue together.

How to assemble:
1. With the temple flat, fold up the temple sides so the fold is UNDER the round knobs.  Fold up the straight sides so they are the same as the temple sides.
2. Fold the round knobs in so they are flush with the edge.
3. Fold the STRAIGHT edges in half - down to the base edge.
4. It should look something like this picture at this point:

5. Fold up all four sides and secure them to the round knobs.  Glue dots work well, a glue stick, or double sided tape. Secure well.  Should look like this (looking into box from the top):

6. Fold the folded in half straight sides in to form top of box.  Secure with tape or a sticker of some kind. You're done!

You can finish it off with any kind of ribbon.  Adorable!  ORDER HERE.

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YW Medallions - I still have them to send to you

I still have plenty of old Young Women medallions to send to those who have lost theirs, or who need a new one for whatever reason.  You can see what I have - and how to request one HERE.

Remember - these are not for sale.  I only charge shipping costs.  Please only request 1, maybe 2.  I want to be able to get these to as many people as I can.

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Church Resources - PDF

If you need to find a manual or other Church material - here is the page of all the items available as a PDF document.  These are easily saved and printed at home.  It includes the YW Personal Progress book.  CLICK HERE.

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