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Temple Card Holder Box

I came across this product and thought - I need one of these - and so do many, many other people.  What a find these were!  And there is nothing like it out there already.  These family file temple card holder boxes are so awesome!  I love the small envelope box (pictured above).  For me - a beginner family history-er, I just needed a small box to keep the 3 cards I have currently.  I know someday I will progress up the chain and get the bigger medium hinged box (pictured below), but this envelope box keeps my cards from getting torn and bent to and from the temple.  I just love these!

You can get your very own box HERE.  I bet you have family members who need one too, so get them one while you're there.

And for those (young women and young men included) who are just now catching the Spirit of Elijah, these make a great gift of encouragement and usefulness!  This video is a great starting point for encouragement!

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