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New Social Media Pages Created for Church Leaders

The Church has created social media pages for members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve on Facebook and Google+. These pages will be maintained on their behalf by the Church and act as an official social media presence for each of them.

To read about the Church's encouragement to use social media to share the Gospel, CLICK HERE.

For links to their Facebook pages, CLICK HERE.

For links to their Google+ pages, CLICK HERE.

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50 cents 5x7 print

Our 5"x7" 2013 mutual theme print is on clearance for only 50 cents each.  We do have limited quantities, so order quick!  ORDER HERE.

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Temple Card Holder Box

I came across this product and thought - I need one of these - and so do many, many other people.  What a find these were!  And there is nothing like it out there already.  These family file temple card holder boxes are so awesome!  I love the small envelope box (pictured above).  For me - a beginner family history-er, I just needed a small box to keep the 3 cards I have currently.  I know someday I will progress up the chain and get the bigger medium hinged box (pictured below), but this envelope box keeps my cards from getting torn and bent to and from the temple.  I just love these!

You can get your very own box HERE.  I bet you have family members who need one too, so get them one while you're there.

And for those (young women and young men included) who are just now catching the Spirit of Elijah, these make a great gift of encouragement and usefulness!  This video is a great starting point for encouragement!

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Youth - and using the Church websites

There has been a real push for youth to create an account on  Why?  Well, you must have one to access any of your WARD's information (calendar, directory, etc...).  But did you know, you must have an account to do INDEXING?  Or to use FAMILY SEARCH with your information and family line?  If you want to work on PERSONAL PROGRESS online, you must also have an account.  You can order things from the CHURCH directly from their LDS Catalog. So, it's pretty obvious why youth need to create their own account.

The church has an article - 10 cool things you can do with an LDS account.  This will help you know some ways to use your account.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO ARTICLE.

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July 2013 Curriculum Cards

Here is the link to the July 2013 curriculum cards - these are perfect for lesson handouts, or even just for fun (with a little candy attached). These would also be great to hand out at mutual opening exercises.

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25 Things Mormon Girls Love

Someone was clever and put together a list of 25 things Mormon girls love.  I must say - I think they got it close to 100% correct.  What do you think?  CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST.

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