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General Conference Trivia Game

I love General Conference!  I feel at such peace while I am listening and pondering the talks that are given.  In such a troubled world, I always get a boost of "I can do this!" when I hear and then read the Conference messages.

We always play a Conference Trivia game for Family Home Evening the Monday after Conference.  This week was no exception.  Each of us had to come up with 5 questions from Conference.  I then type them all up and we play a trivia game with them.  I am not sure how much my kids love it - especially those that didn't pay the closest attention - but is was a great FHE.  It was fun and we all remembered quite a bit.  (We also allow questions about who was released, new temples, hymns that were sung, and any other announcements.  If it happened during a session, it is allowed in the trivia game).

What a fun activity this would be for a youth activity - either with just the young women, or combined with the young men.

So - get your group writing down questions from Conference and revisit the wonderfully positive and uplifting talks of General Conference!  You may also want to watch some video clips from Conference to feel the spirit all over again!  *Like the President Monson eye roll. Loved it!! (Story starts at 3:40)*

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