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Online Forms for Girls Camp or Youth Conference

** Update - the example page I had linked is no longer working.  I will try to find another example and link it up.  Sorry about that!

Here is a company that offers online forms.  CLICK HERE.

Original Post:
If you're thinking of converting over to online forms for your BIG Youth activities - here is one example of how it can be done.   CLICK HERE.

I think this would be great for Girls Camp.  Have them fill them out online, then print off and sign, and turn in.  Genious!

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  2. The link above is not working. Any ideas?

    1. Sorry about that. Whoever had it up, must have been done using it. I will try to find another example.

  3. I love our 2013 lds youth theme, "stand"! It would really be great if I could have the lyrics of the song. Pls, if you have the lyrics, send it to my e-mail account,


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