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Update - Old YW Medallions

Yes, I still have these.

Yes, I still would love to have more sent to me if you have any lying around in your YW closet that are no longer used.

Yes, I still ship these out to people regularly.  If you email me and don't hear back from me within a couple days, please email me again.  I just get busy, and with so many emails, I tend to forget the ones I receive that I have yet to respond to.  So, don't take it personally.  I am just one busy lady.  But - it is a good busy!  *smile*

Post about Old YW Medallions is here.

To request a medallion, click here.

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Girls Camp T-Shirts

We've been wanting to offer Girls Camp t-shirts for a while now.  Just goes to show how things take time, and if you keep working toward that goal, you can accomplish!

We have everything in order and now offer GIRLS CAMP T-SHIRTS!!  We couldn't be more thrilled. But don't stop there! Our shirts are great for Youth Conference, TREK, Retreats, Conferences, Family Reunions, Schools, Just For Fun, etc... 

You can order them on our website - on their own page.
Click here: Camp T-Shirts.

The graphics that are in the picture are cute.  Here are their closeups.

If you're interested in using the graphics the Church designs, let us know!  We can use those.


Leadership Lessons for YW Class Presidencies

The Church has some *NEW* Leadership Lessons for YW Class Presidencies.  How wonderful are these!?!  You can see them here.

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YW Class Binder Covers

Did you know we have some YW binder covers on our website?  You can see/download/print them here.

Happy Leading!

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Online Forms for Girls Camp or Youth Conference

** Update - the example page I had linked is no longer working.  I will try to find another example and link it up.  Sorry about that!

Here is a company that offers online forms.  CLICK HERE.

Original Post:
If you're thinking of converting over to online forms for your BIG Youth activities - here is one example of how it can be done.   CLICK HERE.

I think this would be great for Girls Camp.  Have them fill them out online, then print off and sign, and turn in.  Genious!

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STAND - Song for 2013 Mutual Theme

The Church has released the song for the 2013 Mutual Theme.  It is called STAND, sung by Megan Sackett.   You can listen/download it here.

 You can watch/download the VIDEO here.

I don't see a link to download the sheet music for this song on either of these pages, but it may be available later.  

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2013 Mutual Theme Poster/Banner

After much deliberation, we decided on the design for our big poster/banner for the 2013 mutual theme. It is the same design as our 5x7 print.

It is available on 3 different kinds of material:

** Poster board (heavy paper board)
**Plastic Banner that is weather proof all year long - which is great for girls camp!!
**Adhesive Fabric Wall Decal - you simply peel and stick this on a wall - removable, reusable, and you don't need a frame, or nails.  It sticks to the wall.  But - not recommended to be moved around each week.  Pick a spot and keep it there for best results.  *smile*

Order here.

You can see how great it looks next to your chalkboard in your YW room.  The adhesive fabric decal sticks right to the "cork-board" side.  Simple!

If you don't want this design - email us and let us know.  We can custom make one for you!

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Song - Stand ye in Holy Places

Hillary Abplanalp has composed a song for the 2013 mutual theme - Stand ye in Holy Places.

You can download the sheet music here.

You can view a little video as the song is sung here, and is the main page for this song on the FreeLDSSheet Music website.


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