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Feel Special Today

Ways to help yourself feel special, inside and out!

1. Exercise
2. Take a warm bath
3. Take 30 minutes of "me" time
4. Count your blessings
5. Go out of your way to help someone in need (help a stranger at the grocery store by putting their cart away after they've loaded their groceries in their car.
6. Give yourself an at-home manicure
7. Learn something new
8. Watch your favorite movie & eat a favorite snack
9. Read a good book
10. Go to the temple
11. Get plenty of rest
12. Give yourself a deep scalp treatment (rub the conditioner into your scalp concentrating on a one inch section at a time.)
13. Turn on some good music and dance, but you have to really get into it!
14. Write in your journal
15. Go to the movies alone
16. Look through a scrapbook or photo album of your family
17. Serve!
18. Get really dressed up and invite your husband on a date.
19. Appreciate nature
20. Do one of your husbands chores so that he can spend that extra time with you
21. Use one of your unique talents
22. Go to lunch with a friend
23. Pray, really pray!
24. Write a letter or a thank you note
25. Take a drive
26. Take a hot bath with candles and music and sparkling cider in a fluted glass.
27. Visit with a friend
28. Read a new book
29. Volunteer to help someone
30. Make a list of chores or daily duties (dishes, diapers, scriptures, prayer, etc.) and cross them off as you do them.
31. Scrapbook
32. Plan a special occasion for you and your husband.
33. Visit temple square
34. Get plenty of rest
35. Paint your toenails bright red!
36. Time alone with your favorite CD
37. Surround yourself with people you love
38. Appreciate nature
39. Buy yourself something (without feeling guilty) that you don't need but would like to have
40. Eat that forbidden dessert
41. Read things about individual worth (like the scriptures or church books)
42. Write or email a friend (phone call maybe)
43. Go to the bathroom alone (ok this one only applies when you have toddlers and rarely get to do this!)
44. Eat a chocolate bar and don't feel guilty about it!
45. Write down 5 things you are grateful for at the end of a hard day
46. Be really friendly with everyone you interact with
47. Get a friend to go with you to the temple
48. Sit in the sun and read
49. Work on a hobby that you enjoy
50. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers
51. Buy a new outfit, or get a haircut or perm ok lets just go for a makeover or maybe a manicure.
52. Pamper yourself with a massage and a pedicure!
53. Do that thing you've been meaning to get around to
54. Really clean an area of your home
55. Cook a fancy meal for your family
56. Go to the movie store alone and pick a movie YOU want to watch
57. Get a new hairstyle
58. Go Hiking
59. Do a craft
60. Have a girl's night out!
61. Volunteer at the local school, young kids worship us adults!
62. Call an old dear friend that you haven't talk to in ages.

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