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Cooking class - you can cook at the Church.

Have you ever wanted to have a food cooking class at the church - but thought "We're not allowed to cook at the church".  Well, guess what?!??!  You actually can if it is a class/lesson.  As I was reading through the Church Handbook today - It says you CAN cook at the church if it is part of a lesson.  Here is the section and what is says:


Serving Areas

The serving area in Church meetinghouses is not intended for food preparation or cooking unless it is part of a lesson, demonstration, or other instruction. When food is to be served in the building or on the grounds, it should be prepared elsewhere and brought to the meetinghouse, where it may be kept warm or cold until it is served.
So - my understanding is if you are having a ward dinner, or such, prepare the items at home and keep warm at the church - BUT if you are having a cooking class, or other such lesson or demonstration, it's okay to cook at the Church.  I still don't think I will be cooking any big meals here, but for cookies, bread, pies, soups, casseroles - maybe a monthly cooking class for Relief Society - this will be awesome!!

Wow - this will be great for future activities.  You can teach the Laurels how to cook right at the CHURCH.  So excited about this!!

The page of the handbook this came out of is here.

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  2. A THOUSAND thank yous for posting this - I haven't been able to teach our girls about cooking because of my misunderstanding about the church's policy for kitchen use. Now that I know I can teach cooking in the kitchen as part of a lesson or demonstration, it really opens up a lot of opportunities for us... I've posted about this on my YW Activity blog and pinned your blog post on Pinterest so that everyone I know will have this information, too! Thanks so much!!!!


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