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Articles of Faith game

Knowing the Articles of Faith are key if you are a Latter-day Saint.  Play an Articles of Faith game for mutual night!  This could even come in handy for a quick activity idea when previous plans are cancelled or changed.
*I got the idea for this activity from the YW leaders email list I used to run/manage on Yahoo.*

You may want to give each person at the end of this activity their own copy of the Articles of Faith.  You can purchase those through the Church here.  Or you can download it HERE.

**This could be done as a joint young men/young women activity**

You could have this as a Jeopardy Game, or a team race game, or as a "go around to tables and answer questions" game. It is up to you how to present this. My ward did it as a "Go around to tables and answer questions" game. Each table has a bag or a bowl with the questions in it. Have three tables -- vary the difficulty level for each table; so table #1 is easy, table #2 is medium, table #3 is hard. You could do more tables if you have a large group-- tables #1 & #2 -- easy, tables #3 & #4 -- medium, tables #5 & #6 -- hard. Each question they get right, give them a point. At the end of the night, reward them with food
according to the number of points they have.

3 points: a cookie
5 points: a brownie
7 points: a brownie and a drink
10 points: a cookie, a brownie, and a drink
15 points: a brownie, and ice cream
20 points: a brownie, ice cream and a drink
25 points: a brownie, ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream, and a drink.

You can change the reward system to however you feel would work for your youth. You could have ice cream sundaes and for each easy question answered you would get the utensils (bowl, spoon, cup, etc . . . ) for each medium question answered you would get ice cream first, then a topping for each additional medium question answered. For each hard question answered, you would get extra goodies -- a banana, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, etc . . .

Below are some ideas of what to do as far as questions.

1. We believe in ______, the _____________ Father, and in His _______, __________ Christ, and in the _______ Ghost.
2. We believe that ______ will be _______ for their own sins, and not for ________  __________________ .
3. We believe that through the ________ of __________, all mankind may be saved, by __________ to the _________ and _____________ of the Gospel.

1. Repeat the fourth Article of Faith
2. How many Articles of Faith are there? (13)
3. Where in the scriptures are the Articles of Faith found? (after the Pearl of Great Price)
4. Who wrote the Articles of Faith? (Joseph Smith)
5. Which Article of Faith talks about the Atonement? (2)

1. Repeat any two Articles of Faith
2. Which Article of Faith talks about the things God revealed? (9)
3. Unscramble these words from Article of Faith #3.
(word scrambles or word searches can be made on the following site: )
4. Unscramble these words from Article of Faith #12.
(word scrambles or word searches can be made on the following site: )

And so on. Make up as many questions as you will need to accommodate the youth in
your ward. The questions are pretty easy to come up with, just spend 30 minutes with your
scriptures open to the Articles of Faith and you will have pages of questions in no time!!

Have fun, while teaching your youth priceless information. They won't even realize they
are learning.

Be open to helping them where it is needed. Some youth will be more knowledgeable than others. Be gracious with help. You can surprise them with this activity, or give them advance warning the Sunday before (to brush up on the Articles of Faith) -- but, this may scare some youth from coming if they know that they don't know the Articles of Faith very well. Be sensitive to those who may not know as much as others.

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