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Activity - Video/Photo Scavenger Hunt

A video or photo scavenger hunt can be a very fun activity.  It does need to be planned well in order for the youth to enjoy it and to get something out of it (spiritually).  The basic concept is to supply a list of items they have to do on camera - either video or still photo.

Here is one example of what to give them to start the hunt.

You have ______ minutes to complete as many tasks as you can on this list. Be sure all the tasks are video taped or photographed. Be back by __________________. You are scored on how many you do, not which ones.

*  Take money out of a fountain
*  Order something from McDonalds
*  Flush a toilet
*  Cross the street safely in the cross walk
*  Make a 30 second commercial for your favorite medicine
*  Ding dong ditch the house of someone on your team
*  Ask for a Krispy Kreme donut at Taco Bell (or other fast food restaurant)
*  Go to a gas station and get the sales clerk to tell you why their gas is better than gas at another gas station and why you should buy from them.
*  Go to Kinko's (or other copy shop) and get a customer to photocopy their face.
*  Have the boys in the group serenade a stranger.

*  Sing a Primary song at a busy intersection
*  Help someone pump their gas
*  Give a Book of Mormon to a stranger (they must accept)
*  Take a picture of your group in front of your Church building or temple (if it is close).
*  Rake someones leaves
*  Pull weeds from a garden
*  Make a 30 second video of your favorite scripture story
*  Put 8 grapes or 15 miniature marshmallows in your mouth and recite an Article of Faith (at someone’s house – NOT a grocery store)
*  Go to the produce department of a grocery store and have a team member sing “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” using a cucumber or banana as a microphone.

I am sure you can come up with some other fun or spiritual ideas with your class presidencies prior to the activity.  Fun activities are great - but we need to always remember that we are here to teach the youth - not just entertain, so our "fun" activities also need a purpose.

Have Fun!!

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