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General Conference is coming - I love this weekend!!!

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Scroll Pens

So - these pens are so cool!  They have a scroll that rolls out to the YW Theme.  Coolest pen ever!  These make great gifts, or thank you's.  They are also available for The Articles of Faith & Priesthood Ordinances.
Order yours here.

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Thoughts on Virtue

*  RESPECT – To show consideration and appreciation for someone or something.
*  COURAGE – Ability to face danger or fear with confidence and bravery.
*  SELF-DISCIPLINE – Staying in control of yourself and your actions
*  WORK – The effort you make in order to get something done.
*  LOYALTY – Sticking with and being faithful to a person, a cause, or idea.
*  RESPONSIBILITY – Able to be trusted and held accountable for your actions.
*  HONESTY – Being truthful with others at all times.

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Feel Special Today

Ways to help yourself feel special, inside and out!

1. Exercise
2. Take a warm bath
3. Take 30 minutes of "me" time
4. Count your blessings
5. Go out of your way to help someone in need (help a stranger at the grocery store by putting their cart away after they've loaded their groceries in their car.
6. Give yourself an at-home manicure
7. Learn something new
8. Watch your favorite movie & eat a favorite snack
9. Read a good book
10. Go to the temple
11. Get plenty of rest
12. Give yourself a deep scalp treatment (rub the conditioner into your scalp concentrating on a one inch section at a time.)
13. Turn on some good music and dance, but you have to really get into it!
14. Write in your journal
15. Go to the movies alone
16. Look through a scrapbook or photo album of your family
17. Serve!
18. Get really dressed up and invite your husband on a date.
19. Appreciate nature
20. Do one of your husbands chores so that he can spend that extra time with you
21. Use one of your unique talents
22. Go to lunch with a friend
23. Pray, really pray!
24. Write a letter or a thank you note
25. Take a drive
26. Take a hot bath with candles and music and sparkling cider in a fluted glass.
27. Visit with a friend
28. Read a new book
29. Volunteer to help someone
30. Make a list of chores or daily duties (dishes, diapers, scriptures, prayer, etc.) and cross them off as you do them.
31. Scrapbook
32. Plan a special occasion for you and your husband.
33. Visit temple square
34. Get plenty of rest
35. Paint your toenails bright red!
36. Time alone with your favorite CD
37. Surround yourself with people you love
38. Appreciate nature
39. Buy yourself something (without feeling guilty) that you don't need but would like to have
40. Eat that forbidden dessert
41. Read things about individual worth (like the scriptures or church books)
42. Write or email a friend (phone call maybe)
43. Go to the bathroom alone (ok this one only applies when you have toddlers and rarely get to do this!)
44. Eat a chocolate bar and don't feel guilty about it!
45. Write down 5 things you are grateful for at the end of a hard day
46. Be really friendly with everyone you interact with
47. Get a friend to go with you to the temple
48. Sit in the sun and read
49. Work on a hobby that you enjoy
50. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers
51. Buy a new outfit, or get a haircut or perm ok lets just go for a makeover or maybe a manicure.
52. Pamper yourself with a massage and a pedicure!
53. Do that thing you've been meaning to get around to
54. Really clean an area of your home
55. Cook a fancy meal for your family
56. Go to the movie store alone and pick a movie YOU want to watch
57. Get a new hairstyle
58. Go Hiking
59. Do a craft
60. Have a girl's night out!
61. Volunteer at the local school, young kids worship us adults!
62. Call an old dear friend that you haven't talk to in ages.

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Letter from future husband

This is a letter from a future husband.  Kind of a fun way to teach standards:

Dearest Dream Girl,

You might not know me yet and I’m not sure I know who you are either, but you and I will be in love someday. I think about you all the time. I wonder about what you look like, what things you like to do, and what it is about you that will make me fall in love with you when I find you.

However, there are a few things that I know about you already; I know that you are a faithful daughter of our Heavenly Father and that you have a testimony of the gospel. I know that temple marriage is one of your goals and you don’t want to settle for less. I know that you are sweet and kind and you are feminine and fun loving.

Although you like to laugh and have a good time, I know you look at life seriously.  Dream Girl, I’m not interested in the girl who gives her lips freely, or the girl who is immodest in dress and conduct. I’m not interested in the girl who changes her standards to fit her company, the girl who can’t see anything wrong with an occasional cigarette, and occasional drink, or an occasional bout of immorality.

I’m not looking for you among questionable company. I’m not looking for you at shady parties because you are not there.

Neither of us are perfect. Yet we will love each other for what we want to be as well as what we are.

And when we both see eye to eye we will kneel hand in hand and seek the inspiration of the Father. There will not be many tomorrow’s until we find each other. I’m waiting anxiously for that day!

Stay sweet and pure because I’ll be looking for you.
Until then, Sweet dreams,
Your Future Husband

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Vinyl Decal - 2013 Mutual Theme

Our *NEW* vinyl decal for the 2013 Mutual Theme is now available.  We have a plain design, too.  Click here.

Happy crafting!

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Cooking class - you can cook at the Church.

Have you ever wanted to have a food cooking class at the church - but thought "We're not allowed to cook at the church".  Well, guess what?!??!  You actually can if it is a class/lesson.  As I was reading through the Church Handbook today - It says you CAN cook at the church if it is part of a lesson.  Here is the section and what is says:


Serving Areas

The serving area in Church meetinghouses is not intended for food preparation or cooking unless it is part of a lesson, demonstration, or other instruction. When food is to be served in the building or on the grounds, it should be prepared elsewhere and brought to the meetinghouse, where it may be kept warm or cold until it is served.
So - my understanding is if you are having a ward dinner, or such, prepare the items at home and keep warm at the church - BUT if you are having a cooking class, or other such lesson or demonstration, it's okay to cook at the Church.  I still don't think I will be cooking any big meals here, but for cookies, bread, pies, soups, casseroles - maybe a monthly cooking class for Relief Society - this will be awesome!!

Wow - this will be great for future activities.  You can teach the Laurels how to cook right at the CHURCH.  So excited about this!!

The page of the handbook this came out of is here.

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Activity - Video/Photo Scavenger Hunt

A video or photo scavenger hunt can be a very fun activity.  It does need to be planned well in order for the youth to enjoy it and to get something out of it (spiritually).  The basic concept is to supply a list of items they have to do on camera - either video or still photo.

Here is one example of what to give them to start the hunt.

You have ______ minutes to complete as many tasks as you can on this list. Be sure all the tasks are video taped or photographed. Be back by __________________. You are scored on how many you do, not which ones.

*  Take money out of a fountain
*  Order something from McDonalds
*  Flush a toilet
*  Cross the street safely in the cross walk
*  Make a 30 second commercial for your favorite medicine
*  Ding dong ditch the house of someone on your team
*  Ask for a Krispy Kreme donut at Taco Bell (or other fast food restaurant)
*  Go to a gas station and get the sales clerk to tell you why their gas is better than gas at another gas station and why you should buy from them.
*  Go to Kinko's (or other copy shop) and get a customer to photocopy their face.
*  Have the boys in the group serenade a stranger.

*  Sing a Primary song at a busy intersection
*  Help someone pump their gas
*  Give a Book of Mormon to a stranger (they must accept)
*  Take a picture of your group in front of your Church building or temple (if it is close).
*  Rake someones leaves
*  Pull weeds from a garden
*  Make a 30 second video of your favorite scripture story
*  Put 8 grapes or 15 miniature marshmallows in your mouth and recite an Article of Faith (at someone’s house – NOT a grocery store)
*  Go to the produce department of a grocery store and have a team member sing “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” using a cucumber or banana as a microphone.

I am sure you can come up with some other fun or spiritual ideas with your class presidencies prior to the activity.  Fun activities are great - but we need to always remember that we are here to teach the youth - not just entertain, so our "fun" activities also need a purpose.

Have Fun!!


Articles of Faith game

Knowing the Articles of Faith are key if you are a Latter-day Saint.  Play an Articles of Faith game for mutual night!  This could even come in handy for a quick activity idea when previous plans are cancelled or changed.
*I got the idea for this activity from the YW leaders email list I used to run/manage on Yahoo.*

You may want to give each person at the end of this activity their own copy of the Articles of Faith.  You can purchase those through the Church here.  Or you can download it HERE.

**This could be done as a joint young men/young women activity**

You could have this as a Jeopardy Game, or a team race game, or as a "go around to tables and answer questions" game. It is up to you how to present this. My ward did it as a "Go around to tables and answer questions" game. Each table has a bag or a bowl with the questions in it. Have three tables -- vary the difficulty level for each table; so table #1 is easy, table #2 is medium, table #3 is hard. You could do more tables if you have a large group-- tables #1 & #2 -- easy, tables #3 & #4 -- medium, tables #5 & #6 -- hard. Each question they get right, give them a point. At the end of the night, reward them with food
according to the number of points they have.

3 points: a cookie
5 points: a brownie
7 points: a brownie and a drink
10 points: a cookie, a brownie, and a drink
15 points: a brownie, and ice cream
20 points: a brownie, ice cream and a drink
25 points: a brownie, ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream, and a drink.

You can change the reward system to however you feel would work for your youth. You could have ice cream sundaes and for each easy question answered you would get the utensils (bowl, spoon, cup, etc . . . ) for each medium question answered you would get ice cream first, then a topping for each additional medium question answered. For each hard question answered, you would get extra goodies -- a banana, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, etc . . .

Below are some ideas of what to do as far as questions.

1. We believe in ______, the _____________ Father, and in His _______, __________ Christ, and in the _______ Ghost.
2. We believe that ______ will be _______ for their own sins, and not for ________  __________________ .
3. We believe that through the ________ of __________, all mankind may be saved, by __________ to the _________ and _____________ of the Gospel.

1. Repeat the fourth Article of Faith
2. How many Articles of Faith are there? (13)
3. Where in the scriptures are the Articles of Faith found? (after the Pearl of Great Price)
4. Who wrote the Articles of Faith? (Joseph Smith)
5. Which Article of Faith talks about the Atonement? (2)

1. Repeat any two Articles of Faith
2. Which Article of Faith talks about the things God revealed? (9)
3. Unscramble these words from Article of Faith #3.
(word scrambles or word searches can be made on the following site: )
4. Unscramble these words from Article of Faith #12.
(word scrambles or word searches can be made on the following site: )

And so on. Make up as many questions as you will need to accommodate the youth in
your ward. The questions are pretty easy to come up with, just spend 30 minutes with your
scriptures open to the Articles of Faith and you will have pages of questions in no time!!

Have fun, while teaching your youth priceless information. They won't even realize they
are learning.

Be open to helping them where it is needed. Some youth will be more knowledgeable than others. Be gracious with help. You can surprise them with this activity, or give them advance warning the Sunday before (to brush up on the Articles of Faith) -- but, this may scare some youth from coming if they know that they don't know the Articles of Faith very well. Be sensitive to those who may not know as much as others.


Just updated - old medallions I have

I just updated the number of old Young Women medallions I have - ready to send to new homes!  Remember - please only request one.  I want to be able to get these out to as many people as I can - and if everyone requested more than one - I could only get them to half the people otherwise.  If you are wanting more than one - choose which one you want/need the most, and just request that one right now, and maybe one later when I get more shipped to me.  If you do request more than one, I will choose which one to ship you.   Also - please be PROMPT in returning payment to me for shipping,once you receive our medallion. Thanks for understanding!

See which medallions I have here!


Patterns of Light - The Light of Christ, by: Elder Bednar

There are three Mormon messages by Elder Bednar - that coincide with each other - on the Light of Christ.  These would be wonderful to use in a Family Home Evening, Church lesson, or for everyday guidance and inspiration.  Each one is about 2 minutes long, but very moving.

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