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2013 Mutual Theme Products

We've been working overtime getting these items designed and added to our website.  They are all being made at this very moment - so not long until we can ship them out!!  We love the theme and have tried to focus on the temple as a visual of Stand Ye in Holy Places.  We hope you like them!

You can see all of our products here.


Plastic Collapsible Vases - Perfect for Opening Exercises

Our new collapsible vases are perfect for Sunday YW Opening Exercises.  When I first saw these - I have to admit - I was a skeptic.  I thought NO WAY!!  But, oh yes!  They do hold up when filled and they are very sturdy.  Now - I wouldn't put any monstrous bouquet in it, but a small bouquet of real or fake flowers, it is great!  I even thought of, instead of water, I could use beans or marbles or something along those lines.
I love how they collapse to be flat and you can keep it in your binder quite easily.  When flat they are about 5"x11".

I even thought it would be fun to fill these with candy and use them as a GIFT BAG for my young women. How fun is that?!?  And for a 2 pack for only $1.99 - you can't beat that price!!

Or, you could make those cute flower pens and use these vases as a holder for a bouquet of flowers for your class when pens are needed in the lesson.

Or how about a neighbor gift?

3 designs available - but I am partial to the YW one.    Order your vases here.


2013 Mutual Theme

It's finally here!  The 2013 Mutual Theme has been announced!  It is "Stand Ye In Holy Places".  You can read more about it on the Church website here.

I am so happy that this is the theme! I have really been concentrating on make/creating/producing items with the temple.  So, I am pleased to see this as the theme as it goes right along with what I have been doing recently.  Good times!

Here are some resources: (more added as we find them)

In That Holy Place sheet music by Sally Deford (also in the March 2002 New Era Magazine)

Temple Prints

We have a new series of temple prints which we are calling Aspire Higher.  We have three right now - but have lots and lots coming up.  Everyone seems to *love* our emerald temple.  We like it too.  You can order some for your YW and for yourself and kids, here.

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