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2013 mutual theme products

We are in the process of getting our products ready for the 2013 mutual theme (which has NOT been announced yet).  What would you like to see with the mutual theme on it?


New Note Cards - Thank You

We have two new designs of note cards on our website.  Both are thank you cards - each come in a pack of 6 - 3 cards of each design.  Order here.


Homemade Oil Lamps

I just ran across a website that has instructions on how to make homemade oil lamps - that really work!  So very cool!  Check it out here.


Personal Progress Enriching Our Lives - Mormon Channel

Matthew O. Richardson (a counselor in the Sunday School general presidency) leads part one of the discussion with Elaine S. Dalton (Young Women general president) and three young women about how Personal Progress can enrich the lives of young women and their families.  Let your YW know about this so they can listen to it at their own homes.  
My favorite quote by Sister Dalton in this program is "Holy Habits, and Righteous Routines"
Click here to listen.

History of YW Camp - Mormon Channel

The Mormon Channel recently had a broadcast about the celebration this year of 100 years of Young Women Camp.  You'll love hearing all the fun details about how camp came to be and some of the history behind it. It would be fun to let your YW know about this and let them listen at their homes as well.
Click here to listen.


FHE Lessons

LDS Living Magazine has - online - a nice collection of FHE lessons.  These are great lessons to teach, or that your YW can teach to their families.  Here is the link.


Why I do What I do

I get asked quite often why I do what I do - talking about my YW website and the products I create and sell for my livelihood.  I have several reasons - the first one being is that I simply LOVE the YW program.  Another is it provides income for my family.  But another reason, which is a little more personal, is I do it because I feel very inspired and guided in many of the things I create.

I have been wanting to do a drawstring backpack for this year's mutual theme.  I hadn't really done it because of lack of time. About 2 weeks ago, I was thinking about it again.  That same afternnoon I got an email from a YW leader in Florida looking for something to give her girls at Girls Camp (which is next week).  She told me it was too bad I didn't sell "those drawstring backpacks that are so popular".  I sort of got choked up because I was just thinking about making some of those.  I quickly jumped into action - first because I thought "well, I've got a buyer, now if only I had the product".  I searched the internet to find somewhere to have these made.  I ended up contacting a company here in Utah I have had contact with in the past and got some ordered.   I let her know I had some coming and she placed her order for 18 of them.  The next day this is what I received from her via email:
"OK I will order 18 and just have someone stop by my house to pick them up while we are at Camp. I'll use them for an end of the week goodie.  I am taking a group of "inner-city" girls  (8-9 of the group) who are so appreciative of any and everything.  This will be over the top for them. For some, it will probably be the best back pack they have and they will use it for school.
It is amazing how different it is to prepare for girls who have very little, but have an abundance of the spirit. They teach me so much.
So excited.
Shauna H., FL

That my friends, is why I do what I do.

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