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Drawstring backpack??

*UPDATE* I am ordering these packs.  Yay!  They will be to me approx June 8th.  You can order them for your group on the LDS-YW website here.  Thanks everyone!

I am debating whether or not to order these this year.  Would you be interested in ordering these for your YW for Girls Camp or for Youth Conference?

I am planning on adding these to my product line on the LDS-YW website for next year's theme - but started to think about it - and thought maybe some of you may want them this year.

They would be ORANGE just as pictured, but the graphic would be grey/silver NOT BLACK.

So - please comment if you would like these for your Girls Camp this year.  They would be $3.50 each.  I would need to have several people want them to justify doing it right away.  So - if you would like these - how many would you want to order?  (So I know if I could do them for the $3.50 price).

If you are interested in being updated on if we put these packs on our website to order - follow us on Facebook and we will post there when they would be available to order.


  1. There isn't any way to get them in Purple is there? I really need them in Purple. I was going to make them, but I can't for that price. Please let me know at
    Thanks Kyle

  2. Is it possible to get this in white with a colored theme/writing. I was thinking they would be nice for the girls to use when they go on youth temple trips?



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