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Drawstring backpack??

*UPDATE* I am ordering these packs.  Yay!  They will be to me approx June 8th.  You can order them for your group on the LDS-YW website here.  Thanks everyone!

I am debating whether or not to order these this year.  Would you be interested in ordering these for your YW for Girls Camp or for Youth Conference?

I am planning on adding these to my product line on the LDS-YW website for next year's theme - but started to think about it - and thought maybe some of you may want them this year.

They would be ORANGE just as pictured, but the graphic would be grey/silver NOT BLACK.

So - please comment if you would like these for your Girls Camp this year.  They would be $3.50 each.  I would need to have several people want them to justify doing it right away.  So - if you would like these - how many would you want to order?  (So I know if I could do them for the $3.50 price).

If you are interested in being updated on if we put these packs on our website to order - follow us on Facebook and we will post there when they would be available to order.


Clearance Items

We just added a bunch of items to our CLEARANCE PAGE.  I love cheap stuff....don't you?

*Be sure to pay attention to the quantities available*


Camp Certification - Charms

Want a *fun* way to reward certification?  CHARMS!!  These are great as a Girls Camp memento, too.  You can put them onto a bracelet, zipper pulls, or even on ribbon.  All of these charms can be purchased on our LDS-YW website on the Girls Camp page.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Of course - the mutual theme charm:

Camp in general:

Fire Building:



These are just a few suggestions.  Visit the Girls Camp page on our website for our full line of charms just for GIRLS CAMP!!


YW Torch Lantern

These torch lanterns are perfect for this year's mutual theme: Arise and Shine Forth.

To make:
1. Apply TORCH vinyl decal to jar (shown on a quart jar).  You can purchase these decals here.
2.  Using heavy gage wire and needle nosed pliers, tightly wrap wire around lip of jar and twist, curl, or whatever you would like, to make handle.  There is not one right way to do this.  You can curl the ends, or not.  You can make the handle part as long, or short as you would like.  (You do this step before spraying, because the wire will scrape the jar and scrape off the etching spray around the top of the jar).
3.  Spray glass jar completely with etching spray.  It is best to do 2-3 light coats of spray, rather than one heavy coat.  Don't worry - each coat dries in about 1 minute. You can buy this at any home improvement store in the spray paint aisle.
4.  When etching spray is completely dry, carefully remove decal.  Or if you order the decal in fun colors, you can leave the decal on.
5.  Use battery operated tea lights inside.
6.  For more detailed instructions, with step by step pictures, click here.


*NEW* Conference Cards

As part of the conference section, the New Era is introducing special “conference cards” that will provide youth with a visual reminder they can display throughout the year.  Click here to view and download them.  Can I just say - they are pretty amazing!


Young Women Camp Manual (pdf)

Ever wanted to just print out a page from the Young Women Camp Manual but didn't know where to find it?  Wait no longer!  You can download the camp manual here.  Happy teaching!

Need to order a copy of the camp manual?  Click here.

Crepe Paper Flowers

These would be fun to make at Girls Camp.  Click here.


Have I Done Any Good?

Love the song - love the video!
To watch the music video, click here.


LDS Growth Charts

These growth charts are simply adorable.  You not only grow in height, you grow in the gospel - I love how these show the progression of your gospel growth and what to look forward to.  Printed on adhesive fabric makes them one of a kind, new item to the market.  You'll love these!

Exclusively available at We Cut Vinyl.


New Music - Katherine Nelson

Katherine Nelson has a new single called "Beautiful".  You can download it free on her website (as of today....I don't know how long the free download will be available) or you can buy it on iTunes.

I think your YW will love this song!


New Music - 2012 Mutual Theme

If you're a fan of Kenneth Cope - which I am a *huge* fan - he has written 3 songs for the 2012 mutual theme.  You can listen to clips and purchase them here.

Not familiar with Kenneth Cope?  He was on Mormon Times on Sunday, April 29th.  (Mormon Times is a local TV program in SLC that airs each Sunday).  Click here to watch his clip (click on KENNETH COPE).

May 2012 Mormon Ad

I love the Mormon Ad in the May 2012 issue of the New Era magazine.

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