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Book of Mormon Read-A-Thon

Want a *FUN* summer activity for your Young Women?  Have a read-a-thon with the Book of Mormon!  This can be done over a weekend (Friday Morning to Saturday Night).  I've also heard it being done in 24 hours.

Some tips on how to execute this:
*Personally invite everyone over with a paper invitation.  You may want to type up a longer letter to the parents explaining what will be happening and your schedule.

*Mix up the reading.....take turns reading: read in large groups, small groups, read in classes (beehive, mia maid, laurel), individually, have actors come in and read a chapter about "them" (6-10 people portrayed), listen on CD (the downloaded MP3 version can be read "faster" to save some time), etc...

*About every two hours, take breaks to eat meals, snacks, play a quick group game, etc... (Have other Ward Auxiliaries, or parents bring in the meals/bigger snacks - have them ready-to-eat).

*Have pictures from the Book of Mormon and hang them as you read about them - at the end, they will be a great visual of what was just read.  The Women in the Scriptures posters are great to use as well.

*Finish the Book of Mormon with the Bishop reading the last chapter or so.

It's fun to give everyone a "party bag" when they arrive to get them through the event.  This can include: a soft cover Book of Mormon with their name on the outside cover, bottled water, Kool-aid packets (on-the-go ones), gum, mints, small snacks, scripture marking pens/pencils, a bookmark of that year's mutual theme, and of course a Book of Mormon Reading Chart.

If you think you have time - it would be nice to occasionally have some Question & Answer sessions during the course of the reading.

At the conclusion of the event, give each girl a zipper pull with a Book of Mormon charm on it to always remind them of this event.  Also - be sure to sign off their VIRTUE value project....they just did it!

Here is a great article on one group of YW who held a Book of Mormon Read-a-Thon.
Here is another one.


Graduating Laurel Gift

**UPDATE - we are all sold out of these, and will not be receiving any more.  So sorry!**

These would make fun gifts for Graduating Laurels.  Once my 17 year old daughter saw them - she instantly said, "Oh, I want one!".
Order it here.

Look at all the features:


Box Oven for Girls Camp

I have cooked with a box oven before - and it works!!  The explanation on this blog is perfect.  These really do work.  You do need to change the coals out about every 30-40 minutes, if your item takes longer to cook.  But for cookies, brownies, most set of coals would be fine.  Be sure to check your food towards the end of the cooking time to check for doneness early.  But, don't lift the lid too much - it will let out all the heat.

See detailed instructions on how to make your box oven here.


Virtue Value Project

Are your young women working on the Virtue value project in Personal Progress - to read the Book of Mormon?  This new Book of Mormon reading chart is a perfect companion to help track the progress.
You can get this reading chart here.  


Camp T-Shirt website

We have a website page dedicated to our Camp T-shirts.  We have great pricing! As camp and youth conference gets closer - this is good news!!
Click here.

Notes from YW Auxiliary Training

I was going to post my notes from the Young Women Auxiliary Training I attended in SLC but I have decided that since it is online - and you can watch it - that would be best.  Since I took notes of things needed for my YW - and they could help you as well - I still believe there just isn't any better way to hear the message than from our leaders themselves.  So, I hope you can take the time to watch the training, and hear what you need to hear for *your* young women!  It was just a fabulous meeting.

You can watch it here.

Reach Out and Share!

For those who live outside of the Intermountain West, and cannot get KSL TV (a television station in Utah) - they show inspiring stories in between Conference Sessions.  Well, the one they showed this past Sunday was just so amazing!!  You will want to watch it - it is broken up into 4 segments so be sure to watch all 4.  It gets better as it goes....beware - you'll want tissues.  Don't believe me?  Just watch it.

You can watch it here.

If you want to watch the other segments that were shown, those can be seen here.  In the right column - the On Demand Special Programming are the ones.  There are also some under the Conference Features as you scroll down the page.

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