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Arise Jar Craft

I saw this adorable craft at a Girls Camp Training Meeting.  So - of course - I came home and figured out how to do it and made one.  I love it!  And it is relatively easy to do.  It took me maybe 30 minutes start to finish.  In the first one I used the color CELADON vinyl.  The second one I used CHALKBOARD GREY vinyl.

Get the cute vinyl lettering for this craft here.

How to make:

1.  Find a jar or vase you want to use.  This can be plastic, since the glass etching spray paint will stick to plastic as well as glass.  I used a glass vase from IKEA I had.
2.  If you want to put a candle in it - and light it - be sure your items can be used this way.  If not, an unlit candle is just as cute.  Or you can use it to hold things in a bedroom or even hold pencils.  Be creative.
3.  Be sure to tape off a space where you will put your vinyl lettering if you do not want this space sprayed.  If you want it sprayed behind the lettering, apply lettering first, then vinyl strips, then spray.
4.  I found the best, and easiest way to make the design was to use vinyl.  At the camp mtg they said they used rubber bands, but I tried rubber bands - it didn't work for me - I had to scrape off all the etching spray with steel wool and start again.  Vinyl was a no brainer.  Cut vinyl into thin strips and stretch and stick on jar - in what ever design you want.  I used the 15 inch vinyl that you can get here.  I probably only used about 2 inches of it - so out of a foot of the 15 inch vinyl, you can - safely - make 4-5 jars.
5.  Once you have your vinyl all around the jar how you want it, take it outside and spray with glass etching spray paint.  You can buy this at a home improvement store, or online.  I sprayed 2 light coats, one right after the other.  By the time I sprayed all four sides, the one I started on could be sprayed again.  Be sure to get all the way down by the bottom.
6.  Let spray dry about 5 minutes.
7.  Carefully peel off vinyl.
8.  If you left a space for the vinyl lettering, apply it in that space now.  Order the vinyl lettering shown in picture here.
9.  If you want to add embellishments, ribbon, etc to jar, do that now.
10. You're done.  Now how easy was that?!?!?!

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