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2012 YW Leader Auxiliary Training

The Auxiliary Training by the General Young Women Presidency was this past week.  If you were able to attend in person - wasn't it great??!?!  (I will post my notes here in a bit...).  If you weren't able to attend in person, you can now watch it online.  How wonderful is that!  Watch it online here.

The opening song shown on the training video - which was also shown during the General Young Women Meeting, on Saturday, March 24th, can be seen, downloaded, and sheet music printed HERE.  It is called Arise to the Mountain.

I just love how the Church is so aware of our needs and the POWER the internet has to reach so many of you dedicated YW leaders.

**Side Note - Love the Genealogy Fan they showed during the training by the board on the youth doing family history?  You can get these printed at

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