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Facebook Clearance Items

**HIT refresh to get all the items listed - we are adding to this post new items each day**
**If you don't see a particular item anymore, it has been claimed.  So if you like what you see, claim it quickly**

Instead of listing each item on FB individually - here they are as a group.  Simply COMMENT on this blog post if you want an item.  The first person to comment and "claim it" gets it.  Here are the details:

CENTRAL UTAH friends - Want items for way cheap??  The first one to say so, gets it! Here's how it works:
1. Comment and say you want it. (along with your email address)
2. You *must* be able to pick it up the day you claim it, in Lehi, Utah.
3. Once I tell you you got it, come get it! (I will email you my address)
4. Bring the money (cash only) and leave it in the envelope with your name on it on my porch.

**Some items can be shipped - it will say so or not and the price.

***Why are we doing this? We are cleaning out our office. We want this stuff gone!! Stay tuned for more products.....

That's it! Now - which one do you want?

Item #1:
$3.00 - YW Value Blocks (colorful paper)
Can ship for $6.00 extra

Item #2:
$3.00 - Live Laugh Love wood plaque.  5"x10"
Can ship for $5.00 extra

Item #3:
$10.00 - Magnet Board
Board is 16"x30" - not painted. Can hang vertically or horizontally.
**We CANNOT ship this.

Item #4:
$5.00 - Magnet Board
Board is 18"x18" - not painted.
**We CANNOT ship this.

Item #5:
$2.00 - board with Pres Monson quote
Can ship for $6.00 extra

Item #6:
$1.00 - Ho! Ho! Ho! wood signs.
Sign is 5.5"x14"
I have 2-blue and 4-red
Can ship for $6.00 extra (more if you are wanting more than one of them).

Item #7:
$5.00 - Happy Thanksgiving sign, with metal scroll handle.
Sign is 5"x16"
-- 6 available --
Can ship for $6.00 extra (more if you are wanting more than one of them).

Item #8:
$1.00 - Snowflake Etched glass plate
**We CANNOT ship this.
23-clear and 5-blue
You can get as many as you want

Item #9:
$2.00 - Holiness to the Lord clear wall hanging
2-SLC temples and 2-DC temples available - you can claim one or all.
Can ship for $4.00 extra (more if you are wanting more than one of them). 

Item #10
$3.00 - Mormonville Book
Can ship for $6.00 extra

Item #11
$3.00 - Summer in Exile book
Can ship for $5.00 extra

Item #12
$5.00 - Temple Wood Plaque 
I have: 1-Nauvoo
I do not have the SLC temple anymore.
Can ship for $7.00 extra

Item #13
$5.00 - Be Blocks
Can ship for $7.00 extra

Item #14
$5.00 - YW Value blocks (pink/white)
Can ship for $6.00 extra


  1. Hi! Leigh Ann Babcock...I want the #12 Item Wood temple plaque - Washington DC. My email is I would need this item shipped

    1. Just sent you an invoice. I will ship it out as soon as that is paid. Thanks!

  2. I would like the #13 Be Blocks. Ite will need to be shipped to Georgia.

    1. If I also get item #1 can shipping be combined?

    2. Shipping would be as listed. These blocks are heavy so they are kind of pricey to ship. I can ship both of them if you're interested. Let me know.

  3. Is the 16 x 30 magnet board still available? If so I would like it. My sister is going to pick it up for me. My email is Thanks!

  4. Are any of these items still available? Im interested in the Happy Thanksgiving sign. Please let me know!



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