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SLC Temple Print now available to order

The much-anticipated wait is over!  We finally got this print to the point of love, love, love it!  We sent them off to the printer so they are in the process of being printed. YAY!!  They should ship to you sometime between Jan 26-31.
We *love* how this turned out.
You can only be my Prince if this is your Castle.
You can only order these on the Latter-day Saint Young Women website.
**Please note - the QUOTE and the picture are copyrighted.  Do not copy quote or picture.  Sorry.


  1. This is very cute for sure! I'm not a big fan of how its copyrighted, a quote like this could do so much good for the is very cute though!

  2. Rhoda - thanks for your comments. We had to copyright the quote because of all the places now - Pinterest, FB, needed to be protect and exclusive to us. We hope you understand. People are so used to getting great stuff for free, that when something great isn't - they seem to get a sour taste in their mouth about it - but there are a lot of people who make a living selling these products, and we want to be sure to stay one of those, and support others who do as well. We hope you can enjoy this print via the prints we sell of it. Have a great day! ~Vickie, LDS-YW.


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