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Floating Paper Lanterns

With the 2012 mutual theme as Arise and Shine Forth - there has been an increased interest in the paper lanterns like seen in the movie Tangled, and what is shown in the January 2012 New Era Poster (MormonAd).

Here are two websites that I have found the best prices on: (These are not cheap to ship, so keep that in mind)
*Just Artifacts

**Before lighting these - you may want to check with your area to see if these are even allowed to be lit. We don't want anyone getting in trouble for such a neat activity.
**Be sure you are only doing these OUTSIDE!

Things to remember when lighting paper lanterns:
1.  They will eventually come back to earth.  Make sure you are doing this over water or in an area that would be safe for fire.  If you see them come down, pick them up and dispose of them properly.  If wildlife reside in the area where you light these off, be sure to gather them (if possible) so wildlife won't try to eat them.
2.  Due to the cost of these + shipping costs, you could get one lantern for every 2 people.  Especially since most of them that you can order are pretty large - 2 people per lantern is really a smart idea.
3.  To save on cost (possibly) you could learn how to make these yourself.  Search online for tutorials.
4.  Once you light your lantern, and it is ready to fly - let it go.  Don't hold it down.
5.  Have fun - and make the teaching moments this year count!!

Another idea in place of these paper lanterns, is to put a *lighted* glow stick inside a helium balloon.  You would need to buy these right before your activity.  Check with your balloon store (Party Stores) to see if they can put glow sticks inside balloons.


  1. Just curious....Are the glow sticks too heavy and will possibly pull the balloon down? Maybe the glow necklace or bracelet would weigh less and still work. Thanks for the post.

  2. I would definitely try to find the smallest, lightest glow stick you can that gives you the most light. Thanks, Janis - great question. I guess that teaches us to always try things like this before doing it with your group.

  3. Here's a post on how to make your own.

  4. Dana - thanks for the link on how to make your own. I think it would be fun to make them - just to see if you could. :).


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