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Family Proclamation - Value Colored

Beehives *LOVE* this activity.  Laurels - not so much, but I'm sure you can come up with a way to help your Laurels enjoy it. :-)

*We have updated it to include VIRTUE*

How to:
1.  You will need enough copies for your group of The Family Proclamation from the Church Distribution Center.  They are free (8.5"x11") - 11"x17" is $ .50.  You can order them online here.  This page also gives you the option to download it - but why print it out when you can get them for free?!!?
2.  Download and print out in COLOR our already completed Proclamation to show you and your young women what to highlight and in what color.  You can download that from our website here.  You may want to print out one for every 4-6 girls to look off of.
3.  Provide sharpened colored pencils and let them get to highlighting - and writing the words in the margins as shown.
4.  Done.  The only mess you'll need to clean up are all the colored pencils scattered around the tables.

**Another option for this - is to highlight the copy of the Proclamation that is in their Personal Progress books (pg 101).  If you do decide to do this one, I would recommend erasable colored pencils and to instruct your YW to LIGHTLY highlight the words - so it is still pretty in their books.

This activity is PERFECT for Girls Camp because of the minimal mess and supplies needed - and it's pretty darn cheap.  Especially great for a rainy day activity.

In Personal Progress - the following Value Experiences involve The Family Proclamation - which you could incorporate into this activity:
~Faith #2 (pg 14)
~Divine Nature #1 & #2 (pg 22)
~Divine Nature Value Project bullet #3 (pg 26)
~Integrity #7 (pg 64)
~Virtue #1 (pg 70)


  1. I love this and want to use it for a camp activity in two weeks. Unfortunately, I can't download it to my computer to print it and show the girls where to highlight. Could you possibly e-mail me an attachment? Even if I could just see the picture bigger I could type my own and highlight it. Thank you! -Gina Whiting

  2. Could you email me the highlighted version? I can't get it through that link. Thank you!

  3. Same here. I can't download it. thanks!


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