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2012 Theme Print Plaque

Craft time!!  This is perfect for an activity now - or for GIRLS CAMP!!
How to make:
*Shown is the 5x7 print, on a piece of wood painted brown, with a peg in the back to hold it up (it all comes in the KIT).

1.  Order the 5x7 print and/or wood KIT from LDS-YW.
2.  Trim white border from 5x7 print.
3.  Paint board - you only have to paint about 1 inch around the sides, and then the edges of wood.
4.  Let dry to the touch.
5.  Using Mod Podge (and making sure peg hole is on the back and bottom of wood) *lightly* - I mean lightly coat the back of the 5x7 print and center on wood piece.  Smooth out so there are no bubbles, ripples, etc... Being sure to push corners and edges down really well so they don't bow up.
6.  Mod Podge all over the top and edges of wood/print.  You do not need to go light here.  The Mod Podge will dry clear - even if it looks like you caked it on.
7.  Allow to dry a good 20-30 minutes.
8.  Done!!  Enjoy.

*You can fancy it up if you'd like with ribbon, embellishments, etc...

To order the 5x7 print, or the wood plaque KIT, click here.

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