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Young Women Value Crayons

Cute, cute, cute!  Get the instructions and downloads here.


A Great Example on the Internet

Found a great blog today of someone who IS making a difference through the internet.  I think it is important that we teach our children and the people we serve at church (particularly young women and young men) that the internet has so much power to do good - and encourage them to be one of those who makes a difference because of what they post on the internet.

Be sure to watch her video - Always There - about her carrying around a picture of Christ everywhere she went.

Visit the blog here.


See Yourself in the Temple Craft

See Yourself in the Temple.  Easy, affordable, and perfect!

How to make:
1.  Find a mirror you want to use.  Shown in the example is a 5"x7" mirror, framed.
2.  Order the See Yourself in the Temple decal here.  Be sure to see what temple you want to use on the LDS Temples page here.  Two sizes are available to order - sized to fit on a 5"x7" item, or on an 8"x10" item.  If you need a different size, just email them (email on website) and they will work with you!  Shown in picture is the Mt Timpanogos temple, in brushed silver (it makes it look like it is etched).
3.  Apply vinyl to item - mirror, glass, whatever you decide to put it on.
4.  Done!

Now wasn't that easy?  This is a great craft for Girls Camp since it is so easy, with little prep, or cleanup.

If you want to ETCH the temple onto glass/mirror, be sure to order the decal INVERTED instead of a vinyl color.

HERE is an update on this craft project, click HERE.


Valentine's Day Gift/Craft

What a fun idea for a simple, yet amazing gift for someone special for Valentine's Day.  So easy - your YW will love it!  And their moms will love getting it from them!

To get detailed instructions on how to make this craft, click here.


Fun, Fresh Fireside Idea - Macy Robison

Macy Robison has a new presentation for young women!  My husband grew up with her and she is FaBuLouS!  Here is the info about the fireside and how to contact her.  She will be in certain locations at certain times so book her before someone else does!

An example of what it is:

"A little about the presentation:
Between songs, and comical and sad stories of my dating adventures, I talk to the girls about their individual worth and the importance of dating as it relates to creating an eternal family. The songs are from Broadway musicals like Wicked, as well as songs from contemporary Christian and LDS artists."

A little preview of Macy HERE and HERE.


Finally an end to adding products....

Well, I think I've done it.  I think I have finally added all of our products for the 2012 Mutual Theme onto our website.  We think you will be pleased with all the choices you have for meaningful handouts, activities, Girls Camp, Youth Conference, YWIE, etc...  We strive to have items that will appeal to every person, and I think this year we have done it!

You can see all of our items here.


Arise and Shine Forth Soap Dispenser Craft

I made this for my teenagers bathroom.  Isn't it just adorable?!!?  This would make a perfect craft for class activities - or even at Girls Camp.  These also make great GIFTS for leaders!

This craft is one of my favorites to give as a gift.  So easy, but so adorable - and affordable.  And you can do so many different designs with this concept.

How to make your Custom Vinyl Decal soap dispenser:

1.  VINYL DECAL - FIRST THING - you will need the vinyl lettering decal.  You can get this design on our website: LDS-YW.  I used a 2.5" decal (order the 3" size, and after vinyl color choice type in 2.5").  BUT - you will need to order the size you need for whichever soap dispenser you get.
2.  SOAP - You will need a liquid soap dispenser.  You can buy these for under $1 at most stores.  I like to buy ones that have fun shapes - and good smelling soaps.
3.  REMOVE - Remove labels on front and back.  
4.  If the label leaves adhesive on the bottle, use WD40 to remove it, then wash outside of bottle with warm soapy water to remove the greasy feel from the WD40.  Dry off well.
5.  TAPE - Put tape on the dispenser part to protect it while painting.
6.  PAINT PRIMER - Spray paint the bottle with a spray paint PRIMER made for plastic items.  2 LIGHT coats is *WAY* better than one heavy coat!!  Let dry about 10-20 minutes (until it is not sticky to the touch).
7. PAINT COLOR - Lightly spray with desired spray paint color.  I used black on these.  Remember - LIGHT coats are best.  Be sure to hold spray can about 10-12 inches away from soap bottle when spraying and keep the can moving from side to side.  Be sure to cover soap bottle completely with paint.
8.  DRY - Allow first LIGHT coat to dry 10-20 minutes.  
9.  SECOND COAT OF PAINT - Lightly spray again being sure to cover bottle completely.  This will probably be the last coat of paint you will need.  If you need one more coat of paint, let 2nd coat dry before spraying again.
10.  APPLY VINYL - When completely dry - at least 15-30 minutes in a warm room - apply vinyl lettering to bottle.
11.  That's it.  Enjoy!

Order this decal here.


SLC Temple Print now available to order

The much-anticipated wait is over!  We finally got this print to the point of love, love, love it!  We sent them off to the printer so they are in the process of being printed. YAY!!  They should ship to you sometime between Jan 26-31.
We *love* how this turned out.
You can only be my Prince if this is your Castle.
You can only order these on the Latter-day Saint Young Women website.
**Please note - the QUOTE and the picture are copyrighted.  Do not copy quote or picture.  Sorry.


Floating Paper Lanterns

With the 2012 mutual theme as Arise and Shine Forth - there has been an increased interest in the paper lanterns like seen in the movie Tangled, and what is shown in the January 2012 New Era Poster (MormonAd).

Here are two websites that I have found the best prices on: (These are not cheap to ship, so keep that in mind)
*Just Artifacts

**Before lighting these - you may want to check with your area to see if these are even allowed to be lit. We don't want anyone getting in trouble for such a neat activity.
**Be sure you are only doing these OUTSIDE!

Things to remember when lighting paper lanterns:
1.  They will eventually come back to earth.  Make sure you are doing this over water or in an area that would be safe for fire.  If you see them come down, pick them up and dispose of them properly.  If wildlife reside in the area where you light these off, be sure to gather them (if possible) so wildlife won't try to eat them.
2.  Due to the cost of these + shipping costs, you could get one lantern for every 2 people.  Especially since most of them that you can order are pretty large - 2 people per lantern is really a smart idea.
3.  To save on cost (possibly) you could learn how to make these yourself.  Search online for tutorials.
4.  Once you light your lantern, and it is ready to fly - let it go.  Don't hold it down.
5.  Have fun - and make the teaching moments this year count!!

Another idea in place of these paper lanterns, is to put a *lighted* glow stick inside a helium balloon.  You would need to buy these right before your activity.  Check with your balloon store (Party Stores) to see if they can put glow sticks inside balloons.


Family Proclamation - Value Colored

CLICK HERE to be taken to the updated information for this activity.

2012 Theme Print Plaque

Craft time!!  This is perfect for an activity now - or for GIRLS CAMP!!
How to make:
*Shown is the 5x7 print, on a piece of wood painted brown, with a peg in the back to hold it up (it all comes in the KIT).

1.  Order the 5x7 print and/or wood KIT from LDS-YW.
2.  Trim white border from 5x7 print.
3.  Paint board - you only have to paint about 1 inch around the sides, and then the edges of wood.
4.  Let dry to the touch.
5.  Using Mod Podge (and making sure peg hole is on the back and bottom of wood) *lightly* - I mean lightly coat the back of the 5x7 print and center on wood piece.  Smooth out so there are no bubbles, ripples, etc... Being sure to push corners and edges down really well so they don't bow up.
6.  Mod Podge all over the top and edges of wood/print.  You do not need to go light here.  The Mod Podge will dry clear - even if it looks like you caked it on.
7.  Allow to dry a good 20-30 minutes.
8.  Done!!  Enjoy.

*You can fancy it up if you'd like with ribbon, embellishments, etc...

To order the 5x7 print, or the wood plaque KIT, click here.

Introduction to 2012 Mutual Theme - Elder L. Tom Perry

The introduction video for the 2012 Mutual Theme is now on the Church website.  It is a great video to show to your youth to introduce this year's theme.  Very well said!

Click here to watch video.

YW Value Stickers

Check out the cute new YW Value Stickers just added to our website.

New Mutual Theme Products

We've just added a few new Mutual Theme products to our website.  You can see them here.
(You may need to hit REFRESH on the page if you have been to it recently).

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