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It's OK to have blogs

Recently, I have heard many rumors saying that the Church did not want us to have blogs.  Every time I would hear this - I would literally cringe a little.  I know several wards who have YW and RS blogs to announce activities, classes, reminders, etc... they have actually closed these blogs due to the RUMORS about the church not wanting us to have them.  Yes - they do want us to take full advantage of the official church website calendars for our wards, but blogging does not take away from this - or at least shouldn't.  And everyone knows how important it is to use our time wisely - and not spend too much of it in front of a computer (or on a handheld device) doing nothing (a.k.a. blog hopping....I am as guilty as the next person for blog hopping, but I do limit myself to 10-20 minutes a day).

Today - I found an article FROM THE CHURCH WEBSITE that encourages us to blog.  Yes - you heard that right - not only do they want us to blog, but they encourage it!  You can all rest easy now.  Here is the article about it.  Happy blogging!

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  1. This is what I read...

    Stake and ward Web sites may be created only by using the official Church Internet resources. Stakes and wards are not authorized to create other Web sites or blogs or otherwise have a Church-sponsored presence on the Internet.

    Stake and ward Web sites can facilitate coordination and communication within local units. These Web sites can include news and announcements, calendars, leadership and membership directories, and facilities scheduling. If a stake or ward site is created, it should be regularly maintained to fulfill its intended purposes.

    So blogs with ideas like yours are fine and encouraged. Blogs that coordinate activities/events for a particular ward/group of YW is not the same thing... Members need to use official church ward/stake websites with more protection/security... at least that was my interpretation. We discontinued our ward YW website for this reason.

    I love your blog. Keep it up!


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