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2012 Mutual Theme *VINYL DECALS*

The wait is over!!  Our vinyl decals for the 2012 mutual theme are now available!!  Order your decals here!!

The orange example that says Arise and Shine Forth is shown on an 8 inch glass block, using a 6.75 inch decal - which you can order here (decal only).  There are lights in the block, but they are hard to see in the picture.  We used battery powered LED lights, so they do not have to be plugged in - which comes in handy for girls camp night devotionals (hint hint).
How to make glass block:  Simple apply vinyl to a glass block.
For lights - before applying vinyl, drill a hole in the back of the block with a drill bit made for drilling in glass, using water.   If you don't know how to do this, please have someone who knows help you!  If not you will end up with broken glass everywhere!

Our yellow decal is shown on an etched glass jar (it is better to buy a NON-ETCHED jar, apply decal, then etch the jar with etching/frosting glass spray).  The vinyl has a harder time sticking to already etched items.
How to make etched jar: Find a glass jar (with or without lid...I bought mine at IKEA).  Apply decal.  Spray entire jar with etching/frosting spray - 2-3 light layers of spray work best.  Done!

Ideas on how to use these decals: fill the glass jar with butterscotch candies (they look like little suns), make glass jar lanterns with the decals, use them on notebook covers, order the KIT (wood and vinyl) from our website for a wall hanging.  More ideas to come.....

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  1. Michaels, craft store sell glass blocks with hole already in it, with a plug. No more drilling!


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