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Salt Lake Cemetery Activity

Ever wondered what you could do for an activity - that is so "out of the box"?  Visit a cemetery!  That's right - the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  This is where many of the recent, and past, prominent church members are buried - including Brigham Young, Eliza Snow, President Hinckley, and more.
For a big youth activity - like youth conference or girls camp - have actors at a few of the graves in costume portraying that particular person thru stories, scriptures, music, etc... This could be a very powerful experience for your youth group.
To get the map to the cemetery that shows where everyone (prominent church members) is buried, click here.


  1. We did this for youth conference two years ago. We had our kids research a prophet and when we got to their site they told about the things they had learned. It was really a great activity and everyone learned a lot.

  2. Brigham Young is not buried in this cemetery, neither is Eliza R Snow. They are in the private cemetery in Salt Lake for the Young family.


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