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*New* book for LDS youth

Be the Chocolate Chip.  A new book for LDS youth on being strong in a world of "heat".  The Chocolate chip became famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven. Be the Chocolate Chip helps bring to life the qualities that help us as followers of Christ and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stand strong and firm in a world of ever-increasing heat. This book outlines four steps that we can follow each and every day to stay firm and strong, and help to be the chocolate chips in the cookies of life.

One paragraph from the book:
"You can be the chocolate chip.  You can choose to be 'in the cookie, but not of the cookie'.  Just as the chocolate chip made the cookie better by retaining its true nature, you can make the world better by retaining your true nature as a follower of Christ.  You don't have to be something or someone else.  You don't have to melt into the crowd; you can be the chocolate chip!  You will get noticed for being different.  You will stand out.  That is what makes all the difference, and is what makes a chocolate chip cookie so great.  What good would it be without the chocolate chip?  Be you.  Be different.  Be better.  Be the chocolate chip!"

You will be impressed how simple of an application to being a strong follower of Christ is related to a chocolate chip.

Need a fireside idea?  Teach/review the 4 steps in this book to the youth - and then serve nice homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk as refreshments.

Need a gift idea?  Give this book to each of your young women, with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies.  Or deliver one to each of your visiting/home teaching families with a bag of chocolate chips.

You can order this book on our YW website, here.

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