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Large Youth Events

When I was a young woman, we had Road Shows, almost yearly dance festivals, I was even blessed to be a young woman when Sister Kapp was the YW General President and we had a worldwide Rising Generation YW celebration where we all launched a balloon at the same time - world wide!!  It was unbelievable!  I loved these!  In fact, I think back to my testimony stages during these times, and YES it grew tremendously because of these large events.

Ever have a desire for your youth to participate in a LARGE youth event?  Do you have a deep desire to challenge your youth in this way that you *know* would change their lives?  Well, here is just one more reason to go with that feeling and start planning one in your area!  It is an article from Sister Ann Dibb about this very thing.  You can read it here.

(If you want to read about the Rising Generation balloon launch from 1986, click here.  Scroll down the page about half way to the title "300,000 Young Women Send Balloon Messages of Hope Worldwide")

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