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Halloween Activity Ideas

Need some inspiration on what to do for a fun Halloween activity?  Start with this list and see what you can come up with:
1.  Sing Halloween carols and deliver treats to your neighbors.
2.  Bowl with pumpkins.  Use small pumpkins as the ball, and decorate 2 litter bottles to look like ghosts for the pins.  You could also set up lanes with 2x4's.  Put something behind the pins to catch the rolling pumpkins.
3.  Host a murder mystery dinner.  You can find everything you need here (scroll down towards the bottom of the page).
4.  Host a carnival for the kiddos in your ward.  You can have booths (face painting, water dunk your bishop, etc...), games, treats, cookie decorating, etc..

Have a fun idea for a Halloween activity?  Comment on this post with your ideas!


  1. There are more fun ideas for LDS kids in my Halloween book - a minibook is available on for $2.99 or the entire book for
    $9.99, check it out!

  2. Have a pumpkin carving contest. Have each person bring their own pumpkin or buy several pumpkins and divide the youth into groups of 3 or 4 and have each group carve their own. In the past when we've done this, we've provided patterns for the kids to use. Small booklets of patterns are usually included in store-bought pumpkin carving kits. Or you can do an internet search for Halloween coloring pages and print off images for free. Use masking tape to tape the pattern to the face of the pumpkin after you've gutted it, then use a pin to trace the image by poking through the paper along the outline of the image you're tracing. When you remove the pattern, you have a dotted outline of the image on the pumpkin that you can use as a guide to cut your scene or face. You'll need several garbage bags to collect pumpkin guts and plenty of newspaper or painter's plastic to put down on the floor for this messy activity. We live in Texas so it's warm enough in October to do this activity outside. That makes clean-up easier. Have the Bishopric join you at the end and act as judges. Give out ribbons or rewards of some kind for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and if you want everyone to feel included you can make certificates for the rest of the pumpkins based on the style of the decorating, ie. most creepy, most cartoon-like, most like the Bishop, etc.


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