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Young Women Value Blocks

Don't you just love the new design we made for the Young Women Blocks?  We think they are adorable!
Here's how to make them:
1.  Order the vinyl and/or the KIT (includes blocks) from our LDS-YW website, here.  We used the vinyl color - lipstick.  (Blocks come unsanded and unpainted)
2.  Sand your blocks nice and smooth, rounding the edges.  We used a palm sander - so much easier!
3.  Paint your blocks (we used white paint.  We also made a set using black paint, and they are awesome, too).
4.  Let paint dry.  When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
5.  Apply vinyl lettering - one value per side of block.  Make sure vinyl is securely pressed on wood all around.
6.  Stain blocks/vinyl (wear rubber gloves).  Wipe off excess stain with a paper towel.  We used a medium tint stain.  Let dry.
7.  Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering (DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other).  Let dry.
8.  All done!
9.  Display on a table during YW opening exercises, or on an end table at home.  Beautiful!

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