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Holiday Potpourri

What a fun, festive activity!!  Teach your YW how to make homemade potpourri!  And it is so easy.  Here's what you will need:

*small pine cones
*red geraniums, dried (other dried flowers work, but geraniums dry a rich red color)
*cedar chips, bark or twigs, dried
*spruce essential oil {NOT pine oil} you can see what this is here.

*orange rinds, dried
*crushed cinnamon sticks
*whole cloves
*mixed dried flowers and leaves
*orange essential oil

How to make either scent:
Combine dried items and spices in a large mason jar and drizzle oil over them - how much oil you use will depend on how strong the scent will be later.  Cover with a secure lid, shake gently and store in a cool place for 72 hours so oil can absorb into dried items.  When ready to use, pour into a cute center-piece bowl and enjoy the smell of your home.

These recipes came from Utah Valley Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010 issue.

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