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AYS instead of EFY

Ever wanted to go on a humanitarian trip?  AYS may be the way to go.  Instead of EFY this year, look into AYS.  You can visit their website for more details.  These trips look amazing!

Big impression of the 2012 mutual theme

Want to make a BIG impression with the 2012 mutual theme?  One word for you:
You can order it here.


LDS Sports in your area

If you are a branch, ward or stake who would like to have sports as part of your area, the Utah LDS Sports website can be a huge help to you!  They have rules for games, posters, information, and much more on how to successfully carry out an LDS sports program in your area.  Sports, if executed correctly, can be a very strong tool in your area.  Especially with the YW. I have personally seen more inactive, or non-members come to sporting events than anything else in the church (well, maybe not more than girls camp).  You may want to think about starting up sports if you think it is for you and the members around you.
Here is a form you can fill out for teams

Teaching YW Good, Better, Best

Is it sometimes difficult to teach your young women the good, better, best concept?  A fun way of doing this is with the CANDY BAR GIRLS.  Each candy bar girl has good qualities about her, but she still hasn't reached her full potential.
A fun way to execute this YW activity - have one candy bar for each YW - but each candy bar being different.  If you have more YW than candy bars listed, you can make up some of your own scenario's or have multiple girls have the same bar.  Take turns reading about each candy bar girl, then discuss how each one can be/do better.  Apply these to their lives.  Have them think about all the good they're doing and if they need to be doing more things pertaining to the basic gospel principles.

Recommended Additional Resources:
Dallin H. Oaks video on GOOD BETTER BEST
Dallin H. Oaks article on GOOD BETTER BEST


Holiday Potpourri

What a fun, festive activity!!  Teach your YW how to make homemade potpourri!  And it is so easy.  Here's what you will need:

*small pine cones
*red geraniums, dried (other dried flowers work, but geraniums dry a rich red color)
*cedar chips, bark or twigs, dried
*spruce essential oil {NOT pine oil} you can see what this is here.

*orange rinds, dried
*crushed cinnamon sticks
*whole cloves
*mixed dried flowers and leaves
*orange essential oil

How to make either scent:
Combine dried items and spices in a large mason jar and drizzle oil over them - how much oil you use will depend on how strong the scent will be later.  Cover with a secure lid, shake gently and store in a cool place for 72 hours so oil can absorb into dried items.  When ready to use, pour into a cute center-piece bowl and enjoy the smell of your home.

These recipes came from Utah Valley Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010 issue.


Update on YW Leader Calendar

Here is the link to the YW Leader Planning Calendar on the Deseret Book website.

You can also buy it directly from me on the LDS-YW website.


2012 Mutual Theme Products are here!

Our 2012 Mutual Theme prints are here!!  We have pocketcards, bookmarks, 5x7, and 8x10 size.  We will be adding more products as they become available.  You can get these and lots of other items on our website.
We love our prints - as will you and your young women!!

Young Women Value Blocks

Don't you just love the new design we made for the Young Women Blocks?  We think they are adorable!
Here's how to make them:
1.  Order the vinyl and/or the KIT (includes blocks) from our LDS-YW website, here.  We used the vinyl color - lipstick.  (Blocks come unsanded and unpainted)
2.  Sand your blocks nice and smooth, rounding the edges.  We used a palm sander - so much easier!
3.  Paint your blocks (we used white paint.  We also made a set using black paint, and they are awesome, too).
4.  Let paint dry.  When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
5.  Apply vinyl lettering - one value per side of block.  Make sure vinyl is securely pressed on wood all around.
6.  Stain blocks/vinyl (wear rubber gloves).  Wipe off excess stain with a paper towel.  We used a medium tint stain.  Let dry.
7.  Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering (DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other).  Let dry.
8.  All done!
9.  Display on a table during YW opening exercises, or on an end table at home.  Beautiful!


Newspaper fingernails

Craft Envy has this great tutorial on how to make newspaper fingernails. What a fun skill to teach your YW!! For all the directions, go here.


New book for Relief Society sisters

The new book by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for sisters in the Relief Society (any female 18 and over) - Daughters in my Kingdom, will be arriving to US wards within the next week, and internationally soon. BUT - if you can't wait to get it at church, you can download it here. What a fabulous book!!
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