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Want updated YW Lessons??

So, I hear all the time how outdated the Young Women lesson manuals are. I must admit - some of the stories in the lessons are a bit dated - I remember one about curlers being worn in public. It cracked me up even as a teenager in the Young Women program.

Well, at the last YW leader training in SLC they did mention that they are in the process of updating them - and to be patient. It is a lengthy process.

But in the meantime (and I think this will be a permanent resource) they have lesson manual resource guides. And online, they have resources that are even more current than those. If you go to the YW page on the Church website, and get to the lesson resources/manual page, and click on the manual and lesson you need to teach, on the right hand side, they have links to all the most current articles, talks, training, videos, etc... pertaining to that particular lesson topic. Use these! Especially the videos the Church produces for the youth. They are wonderful and just what our youth need to be hearing and seeing. Don't use these videos as the lesson, use them to supplement the lesson. Good luck! You'll have a great lesson planned in no time - that your young women can relate to!

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