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CES Be Smart Firesides - AMAZING!!

If you've never been to - or even heard - of these firesides, it's about time you went to one! These firesides are put on by the CES department at BYU (aka the church). What they are - are representatives from every church-owned school comes together for a night, educating the youth in an area about all of their schools and all the options LDS youth have in choosing a church-owned school to attend. Sound boring? It's not! They have FuN! They will have kids come up to answer random questions, or shout something out when a certain symbol appears on a Powerpoint presentation, etc. These kids who participate in these questions get free school t-shirts, and things. The kids love it.

These firesides are for all youth, their parents, and youth leaders. Attend with your child who is between the ages of 12-18. Make sure their youth leaders are there as well.

You can find out more information about the BE SMART program, here. For the list of upcoming firesides in September and October 2011 (there may be one in your area) click here. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a fireside even remotely close to you - it will be well worth your time to go to it.

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