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My Dad's Passing

If you have wondered where I have been, or why your orders have been delayed in shipping, or why emails aren't being replied to, here is why.  My dad passed away on August 25, 2014.  To read about this experience, go to my other BLOG HERE.

I am almost caught up on things, and hoping I can get back to "normal operations" soon.

Love, Vickie

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God and Growth

I read this morning on a friend's blog that - God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  It took me a minute to really understand what she meant.  Once I realized it - WOW!  What a powerful and true statement.

Let me share one personal experience that this applies to SO much with me.  I stutter.  Most people know this.  I am not comfortable reading a scripture in Gospel Doctrine class - or any class for that matter.  I remember being a teenager and literally leaving a class if - part of the lesson - we were going around the room each taking a turn reading a scripture.  Really!  I would "go to the bathroom" or whatever I could think of to get out of this.

As I grew up and spoke in Sacrament Meeting more often, I came to this profound realization - although I could never put words to explain my experience until this morning.  God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  And turning weaknesses into strengths - you better believe it.  I give great talks, devotionals, and firesides.  This is because I had to do hard things and I grew because of them.  And outgrew my weaknesses by leaving my comfort zone.  I still stutter, but I don't let this hold me back.

Now I actually love speaking in Sacrament Meeting.  I love giving prayers in class.  I still am not too keen on reading scriptures in a class, but if called upon, I will. (Reading tends to really emphasis a stutter - I do not read any talk I am giving.  I simply memorize it, and look at reminder notes).

I do know that God cares more about our growth than our comfort.  I live this statement daily.  What a wonderful blessing it is to know this and to know I am growing because of my trials.

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Silk Flowers

Oh my gosh!  I just came upon this blog post on how to make your own silk flowers!  And I thought - what a fun idea to teach my YW.  They can add them to whatever they want!  As you can see they added them to a bag.

You can get all the instructions with pictures HERE.

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Temple Cookies

For Young Women in Excellence I am making temple sugar cookies.  I am thinking of frosting them in value colors - frost 15 in each value color.  I am so excited!

You can get your TEMPLE COOKIE CUTTER on our website HERE.

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2015 Young Women Leader Planning Calendar

It's here!  Our 2015 Young Women Leader Planning Calendar is in production.  We love the whole new design on the inside pages.  And thanks to lots of feed back, the cover is what it is.

You can pre-order it now, but it won't ship until September.  Not sure of an exact date, but most likely towards the end of September.  But the sooner you order - the better.  We will ship them in the order we receive the orders, so if it's anything like last year, it takes us about a week and a half to ship all the pre-orders out.  Yes - these are that popular.  (If you are ordering other items with these pre-order calendars, they will ship WHEN THE CALENDAR SHIPS.  So, if you need other items now, order them separately then the pre-orders for the calendar.)

We are having these bound differently this year (they will be bound like a book instead of spiral bound).  So this process takes longer.  Pre-order yours today.  And don't forget to get one for each of your presidency members!!


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2015 YW Leader Calendar Preview

Each year I make a planning calendar for YW leaders.  I sell LOTS of them!
 It started with me just making one for myself to use and it snowballed into others seeing it and wanting one.  I have made one every year since 2001.  I already have leaders emailing me about when next years will be ready.  I make it for me - and for what I want to look at often during the year.

I want your opinion on the 2015 Calendar cover for my 2015 YW Leader Planning Calendar (I have actually changed designs after getting feedback on several covers - so I really want your opinion).  I chose "I am a Daughter of God" & the temple so I can see this every time I am doing anything YW related and to remember what I am ultimately trying to convey to my precious YW whom I serve.

Which color combination do you like BEST?  Please leave comments on this blog post or on the FB post linking here.  Thank YOU!!!

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CLEARANCE - 2014 Mutual Theme Products

 Our 2014 mutual theme products are on CLEARANCE!!  Our theme PRINTS are all on sale for 25 cents!  Even the 8x10!  At this price - you can't pass them up as one last handout to give to your youth.  Maybe you need something for Girls Camp, Youth Conference, or Young Women in Excellence.  Or maybe as a lesson handout.  25 cents!!

This price is ONLY valid on our website.  ORDER HERE.

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Just came across an Awesome website

I just came upon this awesome blog.  Oh my gosh.  I can't believe how many cool ideas this woman has.  And so easy.  Not really YW related, but so amazing!!

CLICK HERE to go to this amazing blog.

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Relaxing Summer Activity

Need a relaxing summer activity?  Our temple blocks are perfect!  These are also a great craft to make at Girls Camp.


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Girls Camp this week!

I will be at Girls Camp this week.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!  I love girls camp.  It is my most favorite YW activity all year.

So, since I will be enjoying some quiet moments in the mountains, I won't be in my office to answer emails or ship orders.  All orders placed this week will ship the week of June 9th.  Thanks for understanding!

We still have 2014 mutual theme items - and most have been reduced to clearance prices.  ORDER HERE.

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Capes for Kids

* This is an ongoing project for me - so even though the original post about this may be old, I still ship these to Enchanted Makeovers.  If you have questions/concerns, please email me - *

I'm doing a project that will help the organization Enchanted Makeovers.  It is basically making capes for kids in shelters. You can get all the details and more information HERE.

This would make a great service project at CAMP.  The pattern from Family Fun Magazine doesn't require any sewing, so it can easily be done at camp.

Will you help me??

CAPES FOR KIDS, click here.

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LDS Growth Charts

We have a few LDS growth charts on clearance!  Not many left - just a few available of each design.

We also have a couple Temple wall prints on clearance.

While you're there - remember to order the 2014 mutual theme prints and items we have on clearance.  We are just about out of the drawstring backpacks and lanyards.

Visit our website to see and order these clearance items.  CLICK HERE.

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Beehives are awesome

I taught the Beehives on Sunday.  Just going about my business and setting up - as I pull out my YW Value scripture pencils, all of a sudden, they are all oogling over them - kind of, sort of irreverently.  If I would have known that earlier, I think those would have been their birthday presents this year.  But now that it's April, I'm thinking - Girls Camp!

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YW Nail Polish & Cookie Cutters

We've just added a couple *NEW* items to our website!  Aren't they just awesome!?!?!

Young Women Value Nail Polish.  CLICK HERE

 Temple Cookie Cutter.  CLICK HERE

CTR Shield Cookie Cutter.  CLICK HERE

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General Conference Packets

I came across these Conference packets for smaller children while looking for one I could print out for a sister I visit teach - for her young son.  It says April 2011 on it - but can be used any year.  The content of these are great!  They have different age levels available.  CLICK HERE.

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More Clearance Items

We just marked down a few more of our 2014 Mutual Theme items.  Including the drawstring backpack (which is 50% off!!) and the lip balm.  Get yours today!  They won't be around for much longer!  CLICK HERE.

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Change Your Words

I love this!!!

An unexpected youth activity taught a group of young men and young women the power of positive words and is now reaching beyond the small group - to thousands!

Original article was in the Deseret News.

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*NEW* YW Notepad

We have a new YW w/Christ magnetic notepad.  These make great gifts for YW and leaders.
Order HERE.

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Liahona Charm *NEW*

We have a NEW Liahona charm.  We custom designed this  - so these are only available on our websites (and Deseret Book - but remember we bulk price our items already, so prices are different on our website than they are at D Book)!  We love it.  It is available in silver or gold.
You can order it HERE.

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Clearance Page - updated

We just added some items to our Clearance Page - some items are up to 90% off!!

Some of these items would look great in an EASTER BASKET!  {hint, hint}

Check it out HERE.

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FREE SHIPPING - thru March 12th

Right now on our website we are offering - on all orders over $20.00 - FREE SHIPPING thru Wednesday, March 12, 2014. Now is a great time to order all those items for Girls Camp!!  FREE SHIPPING.  Yay!!


** Does not apply to girls camp t-shirt orders.  Only applies to items that you can add to the shopping cart (that has an 'add to cart' button).  Does not apply to custom designs. **

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CLEARANCE - Mutual Theme Items

Well, it's come to that time of year again when we start to clearance out the current year mutual theme items.  We have to make room for new products.  So, a select few of our 2014 mutual theme items are on clearance.  You will want to order these now if you plan to use them anytime this year.  Once they are gone - that's it.  If you need them for camp or youth conference - you'd be smart to order now.  They will be gone by summer.

The theme prints make great lesson handouts, or pillow thoughts at girls camp.

You can order them HERE.

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Come unto Christ Tablecloth

Really make a statement every Sunday in YW opening exercises with this Come unto Christ tablecloth.  Designed so you can put a value colored table cloth on top of it, and Come unto Christ will still be visible.  Perfect!

*Shown above is the WHITE tablecloth with black lettering.  However, it is also available as a BLACK tablecloth with white lettering.

Order your tablecloth HERE.

**8"x10" Come unto Christ theme print shown in picture is available HERE.
**You can get a smaller - 8" - Christus statue HERE.
**You can order a metal YW torch HERE (although I think this company may no longer be in business right now)

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50% off - Home Executive Planner


We have the Home Executive Planner on CLEARANCE for 50% off!!  That's right - only $7.49.  But - this is only good thru Saturday, Feb 8.  On Sunday, Feb 9, they will NO LONGER be available.
These are a great planner for any woman.  There are weekly and monthly planning areas.  It also has fun recipes to try.  It goes thru December 2014.  Get yours today - HERE.

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